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  1. Take to learn a long routine. Like the linking hangers. Or a card effect with a frog and wild ending. Or a good knife thru coat. By mike caveney. Do these take weeks to learn.or months. Or is it decades. I nvr tried learning a long routine. Like the Perrier with a twist.would be nice.but there are so many different levels to that effect. Perfecting it. Imo would take my entire life. Has anyone ever mastered a long the ones above ?
  2. Depends on the person, depends on the effect, depends on the method(s) used.

    If something is 'in your wheelhouse' at it were, it may only take a week to learn well and another couple weeks to get to performance quality. If something relies on a method which is a weakness of yours, it may require months or years of work to perfect.

    Teller worked on "The Red Ball Trick" for several years before he even showed it to Penn. It was about a decade, I believe, before it ever went into the show. I know I've got a couple things that I've been loosely working on for years that have never been done for a paid audience.
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  3. It depends on...


    I mean, really, you can take ten years to practice a double lift while end up doing a PERFECT second deal in a week. Depends on you bruh...
  4. Magic is a performing art and each person has a different ability to obtain new skills. A routine has several layers (Scripting/Moves/Timing/ etc) to learn each thing it might take a different amount of time. I naturally have an eye for timing but struggle with scripting. I think if you go into a routine with the objective to be perfect at it it will take you a good amount of time. Enjoy the process.
  5. Am i the only one in this magic circle who hates d.i.y. ? I mean why do we spend top dollar for a trick.we get the effect.and surprise ! You have to make it yourself !
    But it seems as if nobody cares. I read comments on tricks all the time.and magicians get mad at one another for not putting in the hard work.but why should we spend 100$ plus make the trick and watch a foreign dvd. I bought card thru window many moons ago.i got a tape.which was in French. A how to construct the gimmick.and it was 100 dollars . ,_( i mean that much money and they cant make it for you ? I just ordered tactical.and only half the product was finished.we had to do the other half ourselves. Thats just silly imo ..anyone agree ?
  6. I learned very early on that you need to be patient with new products and wait for the reviews rather than buying the hype. A little research goes a long way.

    I actually like do it yourself projects... as long as I know what I'm getting into.

    Part of the reason that I like books. You spend half that amount and get 50 times the effects. Even if 90% of them are things you won't use, you still have 5 really good effects. That said, I one purchased a DVD that required you to us an acetylene welding torch to make the gimmick... even I don't have one of those laying around the house.
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  7. As you get into magic, like most things, there are many lessons to be learned. Who amongst does not have a small drawer or pile of "tricks" that you purchased that are basically junk? I know I do...

    As you learn the art of magic, using books and carefully reading and understanding what people on this forum and anyone else that can teach you from what they already have learned, will save you lots of time and money. As noted above, purchasing a 'trick' is a real risk unless you have done your due diligence before purchasing.

    One of the first things I had to learn was that the 'trick' is one a portion of a performance. Doing a trick perfectly will get little if any reaction from an audience, like hearing an actor read a line from a movie, by itself, it has little impact. You need to have a story to go with it, you need to have visual interest, and then you need to perform the trick perfectly....

    I have read many times that to learn and become a Top Professional Artist, whether we are talking Oil Painting, Musician, Dancer, Singer, or takes 10,000 hours.....I believe this to be true!
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  8. I agree, practicing everything over and over is the best answer to be successful.

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