How long have you been into Magic/XCM?

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How long have you been in magic/xcm

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  1. 1 to 6 months

    4 vote(s)
  2. 7 to 12 months

    5 vote(s)
  3. 1-3 years

    13 vote(s)
  4. 4-7 years

    3 vote(s)
  5. 8+

    6 vote(s)
  1. Hey, how long have you been in magic and/or Xcm,flourishing.
  2. about 10 years..ish.

  3. I honestly don't think there are enough ranges there. SOme people here have been doing magic 10,15, 20, 25+ years. Just a thought.

    Me;however, 4- after seeing a Lance Burton Show. Haven't looked back since.
  4. Magic, 7 months
    XCM, four?
  5. Magic- 1 year.
    Flourishing (I hate the term 'xcm')- a couple of months, maybe. Kind of hard to tell, because I work on my flourishes and Sybils when I'm bored.
  6. Well me not that long but i hope i can get really go at it.
  7. Exposed to magic at 4
    Started learning at around 6
    Got into it around 8
    Got obsessed around 11
    And got devoted around 12-13
    And am now 14.

    Doesn't really fit into any catagory until the come up with one that reads: "Very particular about what you say and will post a reply to answer the poll."
  8. Well Magic 1 year, XCM/Flourishing/Cardistry 10 months.

    Just to be unique, I will call it XMC, Xtreme Manipulation of Cards (Yes, it has to be an X, not Ex, just X)
  9. Nice Try David.
    "Spelling Error", eh? ;)
  10. I do believe you are correct.
  11. Hardy Har! I'm right!
  12. MAgic 2 years already wow not that long considering
    yeah yeah
  13. I've been doing magic/mentalism for 10 years (magic the entire 10, mentalism only about 3). I can't just stop now, after all this time, so i'm sticking wit it!

    Anthony Bass
  14. same here I don't like the term XCM and I was into flourishing for about 4 months or 3, because I only do it whne I am bored with magic, freaky :confused:

    Well about the Q I already answered the flourishing portion, and I've been into magic since 2nd half of 6th grade (I am in 8th) but I took a break in 7th grade because I got bored with it. so roughly a year and a couple months not counting the break I took (again freaky :confused: )
  15. Always loved magic but really got into it about 10 months ago.:D

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