How many of you are full - or part time magicians?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AndersMoller, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Hey guys,

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I was curious as to how many of you are performing at events either just as a hobby or as a fulltime magician.
    And if you do you have a website you could share with us?:)

    As for my self, I am finishing my last year in school as an engineer. I am performing as parttime job right now, but my plan is definitly to go full time once I finish my studies. My website is I just finsihed working on it a couple of weeks ago, so if you have some feedback it would be greatly appreciated:)

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

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  2. Hello Anders,

    It is a very nice website. Looks professional and showcases your talents both technically and with people. I may have missed something because of my inability to understand the language (is it Dutch or perhaps Belgian?), but I think it would be a good idea for you to isa the venues where you have performed and the clients you have performed for (especially the higher profile ones).

    So, is it your plan to work full time as a magician when you complete your studies? If so, I encourage you to do so, and admire it even though you could work as an engineer. We should try to do what we love in this life. It is a huge ingredient to happiness!
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  3. Thanks alot Al e Cat Dabra (- love that name;))! It's Danish - so pretty close:) Where are you from?
    But I definitly agree. Unfortunately I still do not have enough big name customers to be able to list them as references, but as soon as I get some I will!

    Thanks for the encouragment! And I totally agree. but it is good to have something to fall back on if it magic bussiness does not succeed. Or you performing fulltime?:)
  4. Hi Anders, So sorry I did not recognize your language; I will next time I see it, though. I wish that I would have learned another language or two, other than English. It seems that in Europe so many people can speak English, and probably other languages in addition to their native tongue, and I admire that. When I think back upon my education, I learned a lot of things that did not turn out to be useful in my life (and most of which useless information I have forgotten). If I could do it over again, learning languages would have been one of my main focuses.

    But Magic, entertaining people and making them feel good is not useless, and yes, that is what I do full time. Currently I live in Santa Rosa, California. Before that, San Francisco, Miami Beach and Brooklyn, New York, where I was born. I have been doing Magic since the age of 6 when my parents took me to a Magic store in Brooklyn. The shop was adorned with colorful boxes, silks, and other apparatus with dragons and so forth, and the magician behind the counter demonstrated some tricks. It blew my little mind. I was immediately intrigued and fascinated and felt like I knew what I wanted to do of for the rest of my life. I bought my first tricks that day (Magic Milk Pitcher and Egg Bag) and a couple months later, I began giving shows at the parties of my parents, other family members, and their friends. But many years later, I still I feel like I still have so very much to learn.

    In addition to performing (mainly close-up) at private events, I usually work at a restaurant and/or bar twice a week. This gives me a lot of exposure, helps me to try things out and improve, to deal with people, and leads to private bookings. I do not even charge for the restaurant and bar work, but of course I accept tips, and get a lot of free food and drink (they are much more willing to have magic when they don't have to worry about paying you). The tips can be really good on some nights, not so good on others. But I am able to list the restaurants as clients and venues on my website. My website is not nearly as good as yours because the videos were mainly taken with an iPhone in dark surroundings. I will look to upgrade soon. But it's OK, because I have been in the Magic game for so long, and therefore I have been fortunate to have developed many contacts (event planners, resort and winery owners, repeat clients etc.)

    I wish you luck, and I think it is super-cool that Magic is going to be your main thing - with Engineering merely a fall back. It shows where your heart is and that you have courage...Keep in touch.
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  5. Arr dont worry about it, we are only 5 million danes, so not so common to hear:) Wow that sounds cool, and like you get a lot of exposure from the restaurant work! Do you have any tips on how to get started performing in restaurants - do you just talk to the owner and offer them to stop by once or twice a week?

    Ok, grab a hold of me if you need some help designing the new website, i created mine in wordpress. Its pretty easy once you get the hang of it!:) Do you mind telling the name of your website?

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  6. OK, so there are two possible ways that I have used to get jobs at restaurants and bars: You stop by in the afternoon before it starts to get busy (maybe around 3:00 0r 3:30 P.M.) You are dressed very classy. You ask to see the manager. If he or she is there, you introduce yourself, and let them know that you are a local professional magician and that you would like to show something magical if they have a minute or two. You then do a quick effect, for example, the first phase of a sponge ball routine (nothing more). You give them one ball to hold (in reality 2 balls). You vanish your ball, and when he or she opens their hand, they have 2 balls. Stop right there. Remember they are busy and don't have a lot of time. You want to blow them away - get to the magic quickly.

    Alternatively, do the first (and only the first phase) of an ambitious card routine. Have them pick any card from the FACE UP spread and then sign the card. Tell them they must have chosen that card because they have a connection with it. While they are signing their selected card, turn the top card of the deck face up and hold a break under it - but do not let them see that it is face up. When you receive the signed card back from them, place it face up on top of the card that is already face up on top of the deck (again not letting them see that you already had a card face up on top). Turn both cards, as one, face down, and tell them you will insert their card somewhere in the middle. You thumb off the top card face down and slowly insert it near the middle, finally pushing it flush. Tell them that because they had a connection with that card and it now has their signature on it, the card will only obey them. Ask them to snap their fingers and wave their hand over the deck. Slowly and dramatically, turn over the top card to show it is their signed card. Stop there! Resist the temptation to go into a full-blown AC routine.

    If you do either of the above quick tricks, I guarantee they will be VERY impressed. Now you tell the manger what a beautiful or lovely establishment they have and that you would like the opportunity to entertain the guests while they are either at the bar or waiting for a table, or having a cocktail or beer, or waiting for their meal to be served, or even while they are enjoying desert, Tell him that the restaurant would not have to pay you, and that you are willing to work just for your meal and a beverage. Tell him that if people offer you a tip you will accept it, but that you will never solicit tips from the patrons. Ask him if you can come in for an hour or two sometime in the next couple days to try it out and see how it goes over. I am confident you will use your charm and personality to win the manager over. If it does not work, keep trying other establishments until you find one that is willing to give it a try. GOOD LUCK!

    Yes, I would appreciate any help with my website you can offer, Anders. Like I said, the videos are kind of dark, but will give you an idea of my performing style.
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  7. I work whenever people hire me, so I guess I'm part time :p j have an unrelated full time job.

    The only issue is that being a full-time dad I can't always accept gig offers and have to hand them off to other local magicians. Unfortunately this year alone I've had to turn down four corporate gigs, which would have been so good for my references. But I'm slowly trying to accept more offers as my daughter gets older.

    What I really want is a photographer or someone to take videos and photos of me performing. Then I could get a shower going and make a proper ad.
    At the moment I only have my Facebook page, I'll probably get a proper site after I start getting more frequent gigs.
  8. I just wanted to clarify the sponge ball move. You only need 2 balls. You take the first ball and do a fake/false transfer as if you are putting it in your hand. Close the hand as if it is holding the sponge ball. Pick up the other sponge ball with the hand that is really holding the first ball and place both balls into their hand. Show that the one you had apparently placed into your hand has vanished and tell them to open their hand. When they do, 2 balls will pop up. I am sure most people know this basic move (including, of course, ANDERS, SINCE HE PERFORMS THE SPONGE BALLS PROFESSIONALLY), but my description in my post above was a bit confusing - so just wanted to clear that up.

    Stu-pendous, yes raising a child is already a full-time job (and the most important one in the world), but I am sure that as your daughter gets older, you will be able to start taking those great gigs you are being offered. I wish you the best!
  9. Hey!

    I am full time magician. I am working with my girlfriend ( future wife :D ), we are proffesional magicians for 2 years now.
    And recently we made our first website -
    It is really simple (sorry, it is in Latvian, don't have time to translate it to English), just the most important stuff in there, and we have a facebook page as well, which I think is more productive than a website -

    Watched your website @AndersMoller , I think it looks great, didn't understand a word, but looks cool. ;)
    I think you have to work on your webpage @Al e Cat Dabra (I know I have to work on my pages too), cuz if I were your potencial client and see this page, sorry, but I don't think I would hire you.
    And @Stu-pendous I like your page, it just doesn't look too active :D And sorry I didn't know that you did a show 2 weeks ago, I would come, the entry cost was very cheap, and then I saw that you are from Australia...

    These are just my thoughts.
  10. @Jebzy: "I think you have to work on your webpage @Al e Cat Dabra (I know I have to work on my pages too), cuz if I were your potencial client and see this page, sorry, but I don't think I would hire you."

    I appreciate you taking the time to check out my website, and to give me some feedback (although it is all negative).

    As discussed in the prior posts on this thread, Anders asked me to post my website, and I have already openly acknowledged that I would like help improving it, and I specifically mentioned as one issue that the videos were mostly too dark. But, I would respectfully suggest, Jezby, that if you are going to give someone feedback, that you do it in manner that will have some use. Just saying that I "have to work on my webpage", without giving any specifics whatsoever, does not help me.

    I will also add that I am grateful that many people and companies do not feel as you do (i.e. that you would not hire me), as you can see from my list of clients. Fortunately, I am not seeking to be hired by you...
  11. Haha thanks, I'm well aware of the lack of activity. I'm slowly working on it. Getting content is a tricky thing some times :p
  12. Jebzy, I would like to disagree and say that Al e cat Dabra's website looks professional, and seems like he is a professional magician.
  13. Kolebear, thank you, your positive comment has lifted my spirits!
  14. Sorry, I didn't want to be rude @Al e Cat Dabra

    So I am going to add some things about your website that I think is important. :)
    When I open your website first thing that happens, the music starts to play. I don't think it is a good thing, because we all have different taste in music. And for me I have 10 links opened, and now I have to find where is the music playing, and I am always listening to my spotify. The music in the website isn't a bad thing, but I think when potential client comes to your website, you don't want to risk, that they maybe won't like that. (It is hard to write in English for me)
    The second thing is that your webiste title says "magicbyalfred.weebly", the domain isn't that expensive, that's why I think you should buy it. Because looks muck more proffesional. You don't want to look cheap in customers eyes, do you? :)
    Third thing - first impression is very important. And when I open your page first thing what I see is your picture (that isn't a bad thing at all). The bad thing is that it looks like a selfie, maybe you should make some proffesional studio type pictures. Clients often ask for some proffesional pictures, and it is very good if you have them.
    These are my few tips, I am not some marketing guru or anything like that, these are just my thoughts.

    Once again sorry if I offended you, we in this forum come from different places and different cultures, that's why these kind of things happen.
  15. Jebzy, No worries! In fact, I want to thank you for taking the time to make those three excellent points, and they are very helpful. As for your English, you are doing great. I would love to be able to speak or write Latvian (or any other language) one-half as good as you are doing with English. I think the fact that we come from so many different culture on this Forum is one of the things that make it great and helps to broaden all of our perspectives. I know you didn't mean to offend me. I kind of got off on the wrong foot on this Forum and may have offended some people, which I never want to do, so for that I apologize...
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  16. I've been doing magic for 9 years, and have never once been paid for it. I'm 22 years old and to be perfectly honest with you - I can't stand my job. I've been working in restaurants since I was 18. I was a bartender (I love bartending, almost as much as magic) but for the last few months I've been cheffing, purely because the money is better.

    I used to hate the idea of performing for money; I've always felt that if someone pays me then they, intentionally or otherwise, have a say in the way I perform. They might not like the way I dress or the way I speak. I don't want that kind of influence. I tend to go to bars with friends and do Greg Wilson's revolution or do some springs. When I see people at other tables look interested I go over and perform. Then other people look interested and I perform to them as well. Within half an hour I can be doing an improptu "stage" show with the crowd I can gather. I love it, and I can't imagine the same atmosphere if I was being paid for it.

    However as I get older I've realised that I don't want to be working in restaurants for the rest of my life, and seeing as magic is my only passion that has the potential to be a full-time career, sooner or later I'm going to have to suck it up and start getting paid for it. I'm already taking steps to do that.

    I hope this has helped.

  17. First of all, your website is Brilliant! very professional and yet warm and inviting.

    I am a professional magician but I'm mostly a busker so it's slightly different.

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