How should I practice?

Feb 9, 2010
I have recently came back to magic. The only difference is that now it is not for something to do as a hobby, but more of for something to do as a lifestyle change. Needless to say I have a fair bit of time that I can practice, but standing in front of a mirror seems really idiotic when I do not really understand what I am looking for.

My interests are more in cards and coins. Although occasionally I may throw in another trick if I really like the effect. I have no one to help me, and since a lot of people here think Ellusionist is poor material, I was hoping that someone would be willing to give me some pointers. Such as where to begin, what to look for while training, ideas for performing tricks. Something like a mentor of magic.

Also if this is a repeat question then please don't flame. Just point me to the appropriate thread.

Thanks ahead of time.
Aug 20, 2008
I find the best way to practice is getting a mirror next to pc, watching some concert/listening to music and sleight/trick/flourish you're doing. You can see your mistakes and try to correct them in this way.

Jun 27, 2008
I agree with the above post although i have never practiced that way. In my basement/bedroom i have an office. I have a mirror on the back of the desk and one to either side of it so i can see my angles, i also have my laptop with a webcam that i perform in front of so i can see myself. Sometimes it can be bad to work in front of a mirror because you can start to depend on seeing what you are doing instead of just knowing what it looks like if that makes sense. bottom line everyone learns and works differently, some ways work better than others but if you put time in in any way then you will always get something out.
Dec 12, 2009
London Uk
Well its really something you find out, try out different ideas ex mirror etc etc
My favorite way is performing for a trusted friend that wont tell anyone my secrets if I fail in front of him also he gives me tips and what he liked and did not etc etc
Nov 15, 2007
Raleigh, NC

Tons of good ideas in the thread, it's locked, but a good read.

I use a mirror to practice sleights. I practice effects and routines in front of empty space (in my room or living room) and in front of walls. Both help me in different ways.

Live performances are great to try out presentations, different lines, and also if anything doesn't work in your routines. Sometimes something can look great in a mirror or on camera but it doesn't roll well in person. Lines and jokes can also seem funny when you write them or think of them, but in the end they fall flat when you deliver them the way you practiced.

Get whatever you're working on as perfect as you can and then go test it in the street, you can always tweak it, and remember to never settle on an effect if something can strengthen it (even if it's just changing one line in the middle of it).
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