How to build speed?

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  1. Hi guys..

    I'd like to ask you some questions..

    1. How to build speed in flourish?
    because when I tried to increase my pace, the deck keeps falling apart..

    2. Which one you would practice first, the smoothness or the speed?

    3. How do you practice the grips? or how to make the grips strong and firm?
    I've been practicing flourishes for about 4 months now, but I feel my grips are not strong enough to hold the cards/packet of cards..

    Thanks for anyone who can give me some advice..

  2. 1. You can build up speed by going over the same move several times. It will help you to develop muscle memory. Other than that, just practice.

    2. Practice making it smooth first. That will make it easier when you want to increase speed.

    3. Make sure you're applying the right amount of tension and pressure in the correct areas.

    Overall, flourishing will be something that requires lots of practice and dedication.
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