how to create a flourish

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  1. how do you just think of pandora or b4cut or anyother flourish
  2. fiddiling with cards
  3. Just play around with new ideas. Start doing things not with packets, but with small amounts of cards and pretend each card is a packet.
  4. You'll need some basis in the card manipulation already - the more, the merrier.
    Some people do variations of other flourishes and then combine them together, some will, as already mentioned, "fiddle" with cards and come up with new ideas, some will have the general idea of how the flourish should look like before they even pick the deck up, a lot of flourishes are created due to completely failed attempts at learning other flourishes, etc.
    My personal opinion is that if you feel the urge to ask how to make a flourish, you're not ready yet. Just pick your deck up and practice some moves, it will come on its own sooner or later.

    Good luck!
  5. the Pandora is a combination of 3 flourishes the tornado cut, the crabshack, and molecule 3 so super awesome flourishes like that dont just happen they take years of developing.
  6. I find that by practicing, you will stumble upon mistakes which sometimes turn out better that expected. If that doesn't work, try this: watch the explanation for a flourish once and try doing it. The chances are, you will not do it correctly never mind up to speed. Try recreating it and perfecting it from what you just watched. By the time you have mastered it, you might end up with a variation or a completely different flourish.

    If you are looking for flourishes, check out my Wire release ReMastered which can be downloaded for free. I'm not trying to advertise it or anything but you can play around with it if you like.

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