I am looking for a good coin switch/vanish

Sep 12, 2007
Edinburgh, Scotland
Hey there!

After what can only be described as a long break from magic, i am looking into starting it up again. I recent ly was just pondering somethig and i came up with an effect, but i need a good coin switch/vanish to be able to do it. Does anyone have any idea what i could use? A switch would be better, but im not fussy. All thanks in advance

Shaw Judah Switch, Bobo Switch, One-Handed Switch, Bobo Coin Vanish, French Drop, etc.

All of these are in Bobo's Modern Coin Magic...if you own it already then sorry for I don't have much coin material, so this is my only reccommendation.

Sep 12, 2007
Edinburgh, Scotland
I will take a look at those, but i feel i should be more spesific. The effect is i show a regular con round, then place it into my hand. Then i start to crush the coin, and it crumbles into dust, which you can see flowing out of my hands.

If anyone has anything witch could help me with this, then please post away!
Apr 27, 2008
RVC is good, but it is a little gutsy. Do you want somehting impromptu, using a table, invoving a spectator, involving some othe material (handkerchief etc...)...?

Hayashi has an awesome change calld...Dragon, i believe. It's found on one of his few dvd's.
Jan 5, 2008
absolute coin vanish by jay sankey is very solid and easy. he has it as an instant download for 9.95 at his website: www.sankeymagic.com. Check it out, there's a bonus handling he teaches on how to use the vanish as a coin bend, but it could be used as a very deceptive coin switch if you use the same handling minus a bent coin, just use the coin you want to switch.
Jun 10, 2008
Newcastle upon Tyne
Hey buddy.

I wouldn't get the gecko for a coin effect. I haven't worked with the gimmick but I've heard it can be a bit cumbersome when using it in conjunction with coins.

For a 'pure' approach, I would use a simple shuttle pass. Actually, thats a lie, I would suggest a simple shuttle pass, I would use a weird vanish I came up with, or a clink pull.

Hope this helps.

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