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  1. and no idea where to search cause your forums don't have anyhing that would pertain to it as far as I could see so I'm asking here and possibly be a suggestion if you don't have it, What About Money Orders? along with the paypal and credit card options.

  2. We're going to be working on adding some new payment options (e.g., "By Mail", etc.) later this week. Keep checking back for updates.

    Hope this helps!
  3. awesome, thanks for the fast response!
  4. can you please post back as soon as these options are available.
  5. sounds great, hope paypal is included.
  6. Yes, me too, the only person in my family with a credit card is my mom and she doesn't let me use it too often because she ruined her credit line or something when she was 16 and doesnt want me bumping it back down or something. Although I hate having to wait 11 days (or so) for money to transfer through paypal....it's longer than it takes to ship in most cases :mad:

  7. If there's a Chevy Chase bank around where you all live, you can go there and get a pre-paid credit card. Basically, you give them the cash, and they put it on a debit card for you that's spendable online. I believe they charge $3 to do this.


    You want a $50 debit card, it will cost you $53 +tax.


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