I need a good number force

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Evan Chartrand, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. I need a force of a number that isn't impractical or use any clunky props(like dice, and ideally not even a deck of cards). I'd like to have one for a larger number anywhere between 1 and 200 and then one for a bit smaller, like between 1 and 10. Does anybody know something that would work?
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  2. Folded pieces of paper each with their own number on it, in a hat or bowl- can be inspected before hand. Finger palmthe number you wish to force and just change out the actual piece they pick with the palmed piece.
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  3. Buy 202 methods of forcing by Theodore Anneman.... Although not all 202 are great I heard that there are some gems in the book.
  4. Check out Dani Daortiz's work.
  5. Goodness no! Just sign up at lybrary.com for a free account. In the TLPP The Learned Pig Project Section of Lybrary you can read 202 methods of forcing along with several other good books.
  6. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. You could write down different numbers on paper and put them in a force bag
  8. what situation are you going to be in? stage? close-up? parlor? what is the context of the routines, because different methods would look more natural than others
  9. The NYSM vibes are so strong on this one!
  10. An impromptui number-force works like, and feels like, real magic.

    I just wanted to say that depending on the effect in question and how you design it, you could force numbers using a deck and then have the spectator +and an entire audience) forget that cards were involved at all. For psychological trickery, get Tricks Of The Mind by Derren Brown.

    Other than that, continue your pursuit of a fantastic number force (sans decks, sans dice, sans irritating people who say 'sans').
  11. I can't find this section. Could you help me?
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  13. Definitely Ruler force. Run your hand down an imaginary ruler and tell the spectator to say stop. usually they say stop 3/5s of the way down. you go: thats 35 or 36 right? lets go with 36.
  14. Try Page 107 of the Encyclopedia of Card Tricks- "DIACHYLON BOOK TEST. FORCING A NUMBER" for your large number. If you don't know what diachylon is, you can (a) read the entire chapter, or (b) substitute the word "magician's wax" in its place.


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