I want to create 2 different close up routines:

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  1. So I have been thinking about creating 2 different close up routines for a very long time now because I have been working art festivals and other places where you get a few different big crowds. So I dont want to have to stop after I perform a trik to think about another one. So if anybody would like to help me create a around 15 minute routine just post here. Some effects I know and or would like to perform:
    Invisible Palm
    Mouth Transpositon
    Card in Hand
    Mystery card Larry Jennings
    Miracle Aces
    Dunbarry Aces
    Jazz Aces
    2 Card Monte
    If you need to know more effects just ask but these effects I believe hit very hard. I never know where to begin on creating a routine.
  2. acr is one of the best closeup magic ever, with a great 'ender', you can end just about anytime without the audience getting bored. ;D

    and if you are not doing walkaround magic, invisible palm or miracle ace would be good!
  3. Thats good advice and all but I want to get a routine together.
  4. Well, I don't know about all those tricks you posted, but here are a few things to keep in mind when creating a new routine.

    1. Time. You want to go long enough to establish yourself and build interest, but not too long to where whatever you do starts to seem repetitive and you lose interest. Depending on the venue will give you an idea of time. 5-10 minutes in a restaurant, 20-30 minutes at a festival (could be longer if you're busking, but that wouldn't be close up as much as it would be stand up).

    2. Material. You know your material better than anyone, and different effects, such as transpositions, changes, appearances, vanishes, etc. Make sure you don't heavily favor one versus the other. It's also best to break it up with some coins, sponge balls, rope, etc. It's very hard to do 100% cards all the time, and keep it entertaining. As much as well all like to think we can do that, most of us can't without boring our audiences to a certain degree. Not everyone is a Bill Malone or Darwin Ortiz, and we should try to make up for that with interesting props. It's far easier to entertain an audience with a chop cup or sponge balls, than it is to with 52 pieces of cardboard.

    3. Audience Participation. One thing to keep in mind is that you definitely want the audience involved, but not in every trick. Depending on your style will help you decide whether to open with the help of an audience member or not. The first trick is the most important though, as it sets the tone of the rest of the performance.

    4. Emotions. One of the best tips to get the best overall reactions is to take the audience on a roller coaster of emotions. Up and down, laughter, suspense. Calmness, high energy. Do that and it starts to build up. Just when they don't know what to expect is when you hit them with your closer and all hell breaks loose. That's worked wonders for me, and is a great technique to getting the most out of a performance.

    Overall, these are just SOME tips to help with you creating a routine. Some stuff I consider when I'm putting together something new, and am working on scripting and what not.

  5. Ok here's an idea off the top of my hand.

    Card cheating-

    2 Card Monte- switching cards
    ACR-controlling cards
    cut to the aces- controlling cards in the context of a game
    Invisible Palm- different kinds of sleight of hand holding out

    I don't know.

    What kinda performer are you?
  6. I am using Mystery Card as my closer for my close up routine. Great trick!
  7. Seems Sam the Bellhop has past away... so sad
  8. wow thank you for all the great advice. Will def. get a great routine out of this but keep the advice coming:).
  9. I usually block out negative space with patter.
    I then do the setup of whatever I need.
    and if you really have a big crowd. Try a Tossed Out Deck. Its not impromptu. but it is amazing.
    As for VintageIllusion.
    I dont think a festival would be a very good place for Sam the Bellhop.
    Ive gotten great reactions from STB, but its more of an intimate routine where everyone gathers quietly.

    "So i know this guy and his name is sam. and he works at the 654 club right down the street"
    "the what club where?"
    "the 654 club right down the..."
    "THE WHAT?"
    "What was the guys name again?"
  10. I know this seems random. But I've been having a rather terrible day, and that made me laugh.

    So thank you, sciffydof!
  11. sciffydof -

    That definitely made me laugh after working At Apple all day. I guess i just read his post wrong thats all no worries. I thought he wanted a routine for the setting you spoke of. no worries
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    Routines are fairly easy to construct, the first few will be tough, but as you do them they'll get easier.

    From what you've said...

    Trick 1...I'm thinking something quick, visual, an attention grabber.

    Card in hand (Is this the one where they select a card, you put it inside their hands and then switch it without touching them? I think Brad Christian teaches it on one of his dvds.)

    Mouth Transpo (French Kiss, W:H does it also?)

    If done right these three can build upon each other.

    Start with something that demonstrates sleight of hand, talk about techniques (I always explain moves that don't exist, keeps spectators distracted and interested, I mean for God's sake you're giving away the secrets to magic!?! sort of...)

    Move into Card in Hand, tell them that sleight of hand is great, and having hands quicker than the human eye is one thing, but doing something in a spectators hand is completely different. Get a helper, do Card in Hand (make it someone you don't mind doing French Kiss (mouth transpo) with)

    Then let them sign their card and go into your final piece. Folding the card, having them have it in their mouth and then signing your own and doing the same...switching them.
    The buildup should prove for a better reaction than normal on the last effect.

    That's a basic routine in my mind, on the fly.
    Finding a theme or hook that can connect tricks is the key. Watch videos of Michael Ammar, Ricky Jay or Bill Malone, both of them routine very well.

    Also::Expand beyond cards and you'll do better at festivals. Cups and Balls, Sponge Balls and things of that nature go well in festival/street fair atmospheres.
    Sponge balls get people involved and are fun to perform (at least I think so). Cups and Balls, when done well, can be one of the most entertaining pieces of magic in your arsenal. Coins or money work well, I don't know if you'd want to go that route.

    You can PM me if you want to chat, I might be able to suggest something better after some time to think.


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