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  1. Hello!
    So, if you don't have The Code, buy it because it is gold.
    I want to share an idea: I thought of like a memorization routine! The spectators shuffles the deck, you spread face up on the table, you tell a story and you close. And you are able to say in ordrer EVERY card. What do you think? :)
  2. I would add a blindfold to your routine, so it doesn't seem obvious where you get the info from.
    EDIT: But then again, what is the purpose of a blindfold if you can't see the cards. Great idea nonetheless!
  3. Or you can do "blindfold work!" :p (watch The Code performed by Rick Lax!) But I dont think blindfold is necessary! :)
  4. yea that was a great performance where can i figure out how to learn stuff like that. never tried before but now that i have that code thats a nice touch and super baffling.

  5. Although a different method is used here, I really like this presentation by this hobbyist.
  6. Okay. So nothing about the code has impressed me until that performance by Derren brown. If there was not a "cooler" principle taking place during that performance, then I am buying the code right now.
  7. Derren doesn't use The Code. If you get The Code, you could 100% duplicate his performance and make it look exaclty the same. Something pro's advise against, but everybody wants anyway.
  8. Tyler, just buy The Code. You will see, so many applications!! You can do the basics routine in the DVD which are great, and you can come with your own routines! Like memorizating a deck of cards, or seeing the colors with your fingertips... And for the price, I never saw a tool like that. So, go buy it, you wont regret!! :D
  9. I still have never gotten an answer to the one question that will determine if I ever buy the Code.

    Can I use it with any deck?
  10. No, you cannot, but you won't need to. (I wish I could say more, but it would be exposure.)
  11. In my mind, the code appeared to be nothing special. Just another take on a very old idea, and no matter how well done this one might be that idea is not something that I care about. However, if the code allows me to have a spectator legitimately shuffle the deck, and then without any manipulation whatsoever take a brief glance at the deck and know the entire order, even if the deck is immediately taken out of my hands and a blindfold is put on, then this is something radically different than what I have in mind, and I am very interested indeed. If this is a deck that can be legitimately shuffled, and with no manipulation be able to learn the order of the entire deck, or even large portions of it, then my mind is blown and I'm gonna buy it. But I am just not convinced. That DB video blew me away, IF there was not a cooler, which there was. It's just too much money for me to spend on something just to find out it's exactly what I thought it was, and which I really don't want. But again, if it can do what I am asking, and therefore it's not the principle that I think it is, then this really is a game changer and I WANT IT.
  12. You could do that with The Code, IF you had the right blindfold. I think The Code is what you think it is, but taken 2 or 3 steps further.
  13. Why would I not need to?

    I'm not talking about a borrowed deck or anything. I don't perform with Bicycles and I have no desire to perform with Bicycles. If this method is limited to one back design, I'm not interested. If I can adopt it to use with the decks I actually perform with, then I will seriously consider it.
  14. Tyler, the memorization thing (I dont think Derren Brown uses The Code but) is not taught in the DVD, it's just an idea I've been thinking. But of you have the material in hands, you will understand HOW EASY this trick could be, and even how easy The Code is. ;)
    (in addition, it is a magician fooler!! Read Regal and Houchin's reviews)
  15. Hmm. Yeah that's about the idea that I had of it. And don't get me wrong that is a beautiful idea for magic, but I am perfectly content with the variations I already have. I like to use a bloody MN if you catch my drift. And even that I never really use, just like to keep it around. Thanks for the help though Josh.
  16. I catch your drift, but imagine if you could do that without even having to think. That is The Code. Also, don't forget that you can tell the spectator how many cards they have in their hand without having to think.
  17. It absolutely sounds like the best system of it's kind, but as I said I just don't really use those types of systems. Maybe I'll get more into it one day and I will definitely get the code then. If it could have pulled off what I was asking about earlier though that would have been something else entirely. That would be nuts.
  18. Fair enough, but for me it is almost unlimited in its possibilities. It's so easy a caveman could do it and I like that because it means I can fully focus on my presentation and patter.
  19. I don't even do card tricks in my professional shows any more. Something would have to be pretty incredible to convince me to spend that money and also switch deck designs. I'm not saying it's not good - I'm saying it's not good for me.
  20. Tyler and josh, you said all. Yes, this is (in my opinion) the best system of it's kind, and yes, even a 7 year old child can perform The Code. If this is not your style, then don't buy it! :) but I think this is a nice add to your repertoire!

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