If you could have one deck for free, what would it be?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by elementalconjurer, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. really. i know all the magicians and xcm'ers love cards. my question is which one do you really want to use with a passion? personaly i would love to try some red jerry's nuggets. the other one i really want to try is the black ghost deck. give me your imput
  2. everyones gonna say jerrys. you know they are.

    oh and blue jerrys for me :D

    black ghost is pretty intriguing too tho.

  3. Simply, the Black Ghost deck.

  4. The black ghosts are just so beautiful, but they're so valuable I would never be able to open them. Jerry's too (well valuable, not quite so beautiful. but still awesome).
  5. The smart money says Jerry Nuggets.
    But if I could have one deck for free it would be a gaffed deck that can switch back and forth between looking and feeling like Jerry's and Black Ghost decks.
  6. No doubt in my mind, Black Ghost deck.

    Of course I wouldn't mind having some Jerry's but I don't really care for them. They don't even look cool to me.

    I think Black Ghost are way better looking and are "eye-candy" for the spectator, as the Jerry's are blue or red with a lame-ish logo on them. That's my opinion though.

  7. I would definitely take a Black Ghost Deck, hands down.

    They're just so sexy.
  8. Well considering I've got a Black Ghost deck (Trilogy contest ^_^ Still unopened, and will probably stay that way :p), I would definitely want a pack of Blue Jerrys.
  9. yeah i would have to agree with everyone here
    jerrys and black ghost
    although those metal cards look really cool haha
  10. Sealed Dunes, Carson Nuggets, Arrco Tahoes, Sahara Tahoes.

  11. Probably a Black Ghost Deck, They're so cool, I've held one :cool::D and they handle well and look amazing!

  12. Hmm black Ghosts are overrated....they handle pretty much like any other deck..
    They're just expensive because E decided to make them 'limited edition'
    yea ....whatever...they feel like normal cards...(whatever makes you happy man, just my opinion)
    and yes I have used one...nothing special

    I would prefer to handle some aristocrats, old studs or some arrco tahoes
  13. Also I'd like some Air cushioned Aladdin playing cards. Not the ones that are meant to be air cushioned, but the misprints that were air cushioned by mistake.

  14. It would be nice to get a deck that's really from the 1800s, not the imitations. It could serve as an antique, or you could perform with it -- it would serve as a nice challenge.

  15. Personally, one deck for free would hardly be useful. It's only gonna get worn down through all the practising and performing. It's frikkin' amazing how much one spectator can crud up your cards just by laying hands on them!

    Keep the expensive, over-hyped decks for those that give a rat's bottom. A free deck of blue tally's will do me nicely thank you.
  16. Well, you can get a deck of Jerry's Nuggets or a Black Ghost deck, and then sell it :(, which would all you to buy about 200 blue Tally-Ho decks, so that you never run out of them with all the practicing and performing.

  17. I'd like some red jerries definitely...maybe a black ghost, personally I'm not the biggest fan of the design, I prefer the bright red colours of the jerry although either wouldn't be bad ;)
  18. Black Ghosts are too sexy for me to say no too :(
  19. i prefer black ghost deck~ =D
    it looks so nice =D
    my favourite~

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