If you could have one deck for free, what would it be?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by elementalconjurer, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. If you got a Black Ghost deck and sold it for $300 (which is a good estimate for a sealed deck, but I've seen them go as high as $350), you could get 180 blue Tallys :eek:
  2. Black Ghosts for me! I really do hope that the Shadow Masters look similar.:D
  3. If I could have any deck...I would want a deck that doesn't exsist right now, but could someday.

    I would want a deck of Guardians that doesn't have a white border, but a black one giving the backings a look much like the back of the Guardians box. I would give them a UV500 airflow finish with casino grade stock.

    Not too much of a difference, but just enough of a difference to have it not exsist now.

    Maybe someday...

    Shane K.
  4. im fine with my blue/red bicycles...dont see the point in going out of my way to get different cards when these work fine

    saying that, id love to get stuff that isnt comercially avaible...aka gaff decks (decks, not individual cards..)
  5. A deck that I would like is an invisible deck -- one that at the command of the magician becomes invisible.

    Also, the 1928 Coca-Cola Deck of playing cards, which are selling on ebay for an excess of a $1,000.00, would be up there.

    Wow, that's exactly what I said except it's six hours later -- Great Minds Do Think Alike (Or Plagiarize :D) :

  6. A stripper deck.
    A stripper deck that looks like a stripper.
    The end.
  7. In the shape of a stripper, or with one on it?:D

    I would be in favor of having one with Chris Kenner or Jon Raiker on it :D.

  8. If I could have any deck of cards, it wouldn't be for playing with them. Whats the sense of getting a free black ghost deck, and wearing them out, when you could sell them for 350$++ and get 100+ bicycles/tally's?. Sure, theres a different between the finish/stock/whatever else you can name, but unless you are professional or get very well paid, I don't see a point in using high priced cards. I've already handled jerry's, and had them given to me free ( Thanks Chris Kenner! :) ), and I won't lie, there nice. But if I could have just one deck for free, I'd probably take that 1,000$ + priced 1928 coca cola deck, and sell it, and get some bicycles.
  9. I know its a cliché but I would really like to try a red Jerry's deck
  10. for me, i would rather just a normal deck of bikes/tally ho's:

    the reason is because:
    you would be able to preform with them, with no fear of losing/destroying/bending the cards

    but if it was just to keep around the house, BLACK GHOST DECK FOR SURE $$$$!
    those are one sexy deck of cards right there
  11. a deck of rider back bicycles... oh look i got one! my wish came true!
  12. hmm i would want a 104 card deck that consisted of 52 red jerry's nuggets and 52 black ghosts. haha loophole!
  13. ... haha, I can't wait to get flamed on this one... :rolleyes:

    ... I absolutely hate the new stylized E-cards out on the market... sure they're gorgeous, but they smell funny and instantly raise a brow of suspicion, they reek of trickery and instantly cause my audiences to suspect me before I even get started... frankly I don't like walking into that kind of hornet's nest...

    ... I got into this artform thinking that illusion relied upon recognizable constants, everyday objects like American quarters, wooden matchsticks, soda straws and cotton rope, #2 pencils and paper napkins, stuff like simple playing cards that you can buy at the local grocery store, not on some online wizardry boutique that will scare people before you break the seal because black is now white and vice versa...

    ... my favorite is and always will be a set of redback Bikes... if I want to get fancy and do something like a 3-card monte, maybe I'll pull out my blueback Bees instead...
  14. Uh, normal deck... jerry's I suppose.

    Gimmicked, either a pre-made solid deception deck or a look at peter H's Yuukai deck... I wanna see that thing...

  15. I would have a deck of blue jerrys.........sigh
  16. definately the black ghost no doubt at all i think i would actually kill for a deck of them. not to open just to put on my shelf and stare at them all day. until i finally get bored and just have to show off with them!! :D
  17. Hey guys I made a new deck of cards out of paper and I colored them black. There are only 15 of them made, I will sell them for $200 per deck that will feel exactly like paper you can get for 5 cents.
  18. Eddie give a brick right now baby!!!!
  19. I would like to have a Black Jerry's Nugget deck.

    I wouldn't do that if I were you because I don't believe they allow any outside objects, such as a Black Ghost deck, inside prison. (I've never been there, so I'm not 100% sure, though.)

    If you shred 14 of them, then, according to the law of demand, the law of supply, and the law of dynamic equalibrium and diminishing marginal utility, your final deck should be worth $0.002.


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