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    I have quite a few personal effects in the making and some completed.
    Heres a few..

    LIFE-The performer takes soil into his hands and places a seed into it. Conentrating,A small plant/flower rises out of the soil.

    FASTFOOD-The performer exclaims how hungry he is and cups his hands over a flat surface and a burger forms out of nowhere.Variation--Performer draws a burger on a pad,closes it,shakes,and a bruger pops out and falls onto table from the pad.

    ICE-A playing card is introduced (I do not wish to share my script here for this effect,id like to hold on to that) placed on the palm. Other hand is poured with water. Both hands meet and the performer blows air towards hands as they are opened and the water has visually formed around the card.Trapping it inside.

    $$$- A Dollar bill is borrowed from a spectator,an indifferent effect is performed first (floating dollar is my preference) before handed back it is folded into quarters and placed into the performers hand. The performer squeezes and shakes real tight and on the 3rd shake a jingle is heard.
    The performer opens his hand and pours four quarters into spectators. The bill is no where to be found.

    These are just 4 of my own effects. I love them. They're all practical(dont mistake it for impromptu) the $$$ effect being the most. What I love most about these are the scripts that can be adapted to them.Especially LIFE and ICE.
    (These titles were made right now on the spot.I never title my effects)
  2. Here are two of my effects I'm most proud of.

    Striction: At any fastfood restaurant, a spectator is invited to take a straw from among the many there. The magi explains that hypnotising a person may be learnt easily by some, but hypnotising an inanimate object is extremely hard. He invites the spectator to remove the straw from the wrapper and place it upon the table, after which he proceeds to "hypnotise" the whatever end of the straw the spectator decides to choose. He invisibly pushes down upon the end, towards the table, and the spectator is invited to lift the other end gently. Suddenly, the hypnotised end seems to be as heavy as a ton of bricks. Magician never touches the straw, it works 100% of the time.

    The Cyndi Levitation: At the end of an ambitious card routine, instead of the card rising through the deck it is shown to rise above the deck. The card levitates openly above the deck of cards, without strings or threads or wires of any kind, or magnets., and everything can be examined, the entire deck. The spectators can look right underneath. Here is a very, bad quality video, and a video of it performed live will be up soon. Enjoy!

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    I have come up with many, all of which improve everyday. I'll start with the ones I invented longest ago, and slowly become more recent. My creative juices just started flowing like crazy about three or four months ago.


    The magician twists his arm 360 degrees without any sleeves. Method might be similar to DisJointed. No gimmicks, completely impromptu.

    Here is a video:



    The magician shows an empty key ring, and a key. The magician takes the key, and slams it against the key ring, it cleanly penetrates and appears on the key ring. Both hands are shown empty. I used to have a video, and I came very close to wining an SNC with it. No gimmicks


    The ultimate You Do As I Do. Similar in effect to "Blind" by Daniel Madison, but completely different in method. No gimmicks.

    Here is a video:



    The ultimate any card at any number. The spectator simply names a card, and a number. The deck is held by the spectator. No gimmicks.

    Rise: A card is selected, and placed back into the deck. The deck is held vertically, and the card begins to rise. Completely impromptu, and no gimmicks.


    A card is freely selected (no forces) and signed by the spectator. The card is lost in the deck. After failing at finding the card behind his/her back, the magician tosses the deck into the air, stabs the sharipe at the cards, and completely on the sharpie is the signed card. No gimmicks, completely impromptu.

    Oh, and yes, I do realize that I'm terrible at naming effects.
  4. No offense to DaveyG, but I don't see how that ACAAN is anything special. Numerous "merely name a card" varioations have been published. What everyone is searching for is a method where a card is merely named, a number is merely named, and the card is found at the number without the deck ever being touched by the Magician. THAT will be the Berglas Effect.
  5. Hi Guys,

    I've come up with a few that include a torn and restored cotton bud and a dead match that relights when you put it back into a candle.

    I mostly use a sandwich trick that I came up with that happens in the spectators hands.

    Just out of interest, as this is a 'Magic Community', can we share the workings behind the trick or not?


  6. No offense taken, but what you just described is what I came up with.

    Oh, and I forgot about an effect of mine, and it has been added.

    Since there are rules against exposure I would say no, but then again they are original effects so, I'm not really sure.
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    I made one the other day called boxed in.
    It goes like this.
    First the spectator chooses a card (no force). Then, the magician displays the box, showing how it has a hole in it with plastc wrap over top, so you can see the cards when they are inside. He then puts the spectators card in the middle, shuffles the pack and flips over the top card, saying he will change it into the spectators card without touching it.he puts the pack in the box, and gives it a shake. When he removes his hand you see that the card has changed into the spectators card.
    I am currently making a video of it, should be up soon.
    Anyway it's nothing special really but kinda fun to do.

    EDIT** Oh, forgot to mention everything is examinable afterwards if they want to check the deck or box or whatever.
  8. I have come up with several variations on things, and some new stuff.

    I think the most recent is probbably Tablature, which is a trick where you can BORROW a can of soda, take the tab of, vanish it (cleanly) and have it appear ANYWHERE else.

    The method is VERY clean, and the effect LOT like that of d+M's Angle Zero, however the methodology is different.
  9. Funny you mention that. I performed exactly that two nights ago - it's one of my three favourite effects.
  10. Caller ID

    I just came up with a new one yesterday:

    Caller ID:

    A card is selected. The performer then takes out their cell phone and asks the spectator to dial seven random digits. The number is called, and the spectator asks the person on the other line to name a card. It is the same card as the card selected by the spectator. No gimmicks, impromptu after being set up once.
  11. If the method is the same,this effect has been created loong time ago.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if it was created already. I'm just using it for personal use though. I have no plans to market it. I've been researching effects like it lately, and the closest I could find was, "Cellular Mitosis" by Docc Hilford. However, judging by the description, our methods are very different.
  13. my friend did a trick. i do it now. where he borrows a pen, writes a prediction. has a card chosen. shows the wrong card. shows the prediction, its a bunch of dots, then he takes a led light, lights up the paper and the dots rearange/vanish and change into the spectators card
    fooled the CRAP out of me.

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