I'm back

May 26, 2009
I'm sorry for this self-absorbed thread, most of you don't care anyway and I'm at work bored.

I joined T11 in 2009 - roughly 8 years ago when I was 15 years old. This place has helped me tons into adapting in my new city and new school at the time. I had been into magic before then, but the community at T11 just made everything better and moved my skill level up a few notch. I still know the tricks I learned from here down to the wire.

Then 3 years later, I abandoned everything. I performed so much in those 3 years, almost everyday - I simply got seriously washed up and actually dreaded performing for other people. I didn't want to learn, practice or perform. But I kept my sleight of hand - muscle memory perhaps?

I'd perform the occasional trick, but it wasn't as fun. Fast-forward to a few months back. There was a little gathering at my work, and some people had brought in cards to play. Seeing cards and other humans, the washed up 'me' decided to pick it up and do a few tricks for people much, much older than me. The tricks were well done and I was quickly the center of attention (as I had been in school)- misdirection on point, sleight of hand gone by unnoticeable and the reactions I got were as sharp as it has ever been.

Something about that event sparked something in me - I went to the local magic store, bought a few brand new premium deck of cards, got home and opened the T11 page. The passion in me is back and stronger than it has ever been. I've been practicing hard ever since. I don't just want to learn anymore, I want to be the best.

I'm back at T11, where it all started and I hope to get to know some of you.

P.S: Don't check out the mundane threads I had created. I was 15 - give me a break -.-
Jun 18, 2017
Welcome back from another one returning after a long gap. Digging out my old posts on magic bunny was pretty cringe, I know how you feel!
Jul 26, 2016
Deadman, It looks like you have arisen! I can relate to your story. It is not abnormal or unnatural to get burned out on things that we have been intensely involved with for a sustained period of time. And magic is no exception. The same can be true of people and places. Often when we take a break, we come back refreshed and with a renewed outlook, and we will be better than we even were before. Sometimes the brain needs some time to relax and decompress. Anyway - Congratulations on the nice show that you put on for those people; it sounds like they really appreciated it, and it gave you that burst of adrenalin that you needed for youth soar to the next level...
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