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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Blindside462, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Products on here are fantastic. And it would be a shame if you threw away the tricks like other amazing tricks out there. Try to keep this tricks off youtube, try putfile or megaupload to put your videos on. These tricks are off the hook and I would like to perform them without worry for years to come.
  2. Keep it secret, keep it safe.

  3. I agree 100%, although those sites have helped me learn and build up my routine a new era of magic means a new era of tricks which should only be obtained through the way they're suppose to.

  4. So all pirates, keep it on the DL. (Not double lift)
  5. If any of you upload any of the tricks on this site to youtube, ill find you, thats a promise.

  6. I belive the Media section at T11 is great.

    "Did I just come up with the first official abreviation for Theory 11?"

    Anyway. The Media section is going to allow us a chance to perform and learn from each other. Forget your 60 seconds of fame on YouTube. Stick with a Magic Community that actually cares about your performance and will help you improve it.

    T11 is doing something great.

    "There it is again. I think I did come up with the first abreviation for the site"

    Just my thoughts.
  7. hah, no T11 has been used since the theory11 page was found.
  8. I agree with you.

    We should try our best to keep any Theory 11 effects off of YouTube. This should be a forum rule.
  9. Agreed. "Man-Law?"

    If we see anything from T11 on any site we should pester them till they take it down and alert the T11 staff. I'm sure they would try and do something, and get some justice on pirates.
  10. YouTube isn't the problem

    YouTube is a service. They cater to people who want to showcase their videos.

    The problem isn't that YouTube exists for this purpose. The problem lies within the ethics of the people posting videos.

    Without proper ethics, you can post an exposure video anywhere.

    When we exercise restraint and ethics and honour the magician's code, YouTube is no longer an issue.

    I have a YouTube account (search for Soulgrind707) and you won't find ANY exposure in my videos. I also monitor and approve/dissaprove any and all comments. It's really not that hard to manage.

    I don't see what all the fuss is about. And if you're worried someone will reverse engineer a trick from a video - they've been doing that for years - first by watching in person, then on video, then DVD, now the Internet.

    If you REALLY want to keep your tricks 100% safe, don't perform them.

    YouTube is not the problem - bad ethics and blatant exposure or poor handling that leads to exposure is the problem.
  11. All these pirates will consider your "DL" as on the DownLoad...
  12. Hurray for Piracy! I thought it stood for Deliciously Luxurious, but that's just me.

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