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  1. I agree with Aris. I would rather see one a day than two a day, but have only the best of the best be there.
  2. Hey guys,

    From the beginning we've made it a point to only post those videos that catch our eye. Does that mean every video will be an absolute masterpiece? Not necessarily, as everyone has different styles and opinions (i.e., one user's forté may not be another's). However, our goal is dual : to post videos that inspire, captive, and - whenever possible - motivate. That said, we will continue to screen videos according to the above guidelines and try to keep content to the highest level of quality possible.

    As always, we appreciate your support, interest, and input. Keep it coming. We're listening.
  3. How about you guys be constuctive in your criticism and explain why you feel that and not act like children.
  4. seriously..


    sorry, but it has to be this obvious.
  5. Please no more smilies, there is no need for them, they just look retarded even when used in moderation, which they never are, it's just 5 year olds spamming them more than I used commas to artificially lengthen this sentance instead of correctly determining the place to put a full stop.
  6. Ignore the person above me. We need more smilies. Make the forum more of a happy place then a serious, dark place with constant arguments.
  7. More Mentalism!!!
  8. somebody said battling system (I think xD I'm too sleepy to check it out again), and t11 did it :p..

    Another suggestion:
    On roundtables, can you write the questions and the answers, because there are some words I cant understand and I know I'm not the only one (or yes? :() so what do you think?
  9. a battle button at the homepage.. so we dont have to go to the media section to check it out
  10. This is definitely something we can make happen immediately - by the end of the week - as I agree it's sort of hard to get to right now. Not sure exactly where a graphic (or graphics) will be placed, but we're working on it as we speak.
  11. ok man no problem :)
  12. i think there should be an accesories section.or supplies and such

    i think it would be cool if it was linked to msn. so we could talk easily and have video calls
  13. hey thanks for adding the battle forum, I thnk that the threads created in that section shouldnt appear on the mainpage of t11..
  14. **Psst, this thread totally needs to be stickied**

    Okay so here's something I personally would like to see on Theory11. :)


    Theory11 Artist Performances [Title work in progress]

    Essentially, each week a different Theory11 artist would perform one of their favourite effects, routines or sleights and then give the history on it (references, applications etc.) and why they like it.


    Inspiration from this idea has spurned from the Live Chats with Justin Miller recently, watching a pro perform and the advice they give is something else than just watching a performance of something. The other day he saw a trick someone had created and after commenting on it then gave them a little bit of knowledge of where to look for where the idea had been published before.

    Maybe it's just me but I find these kinds of things really fascinating and in the words of member Thrallmind "Refreshing". Anyone who has bought any of Chris Kenner's 1-on-1's can atest to how the crediting can be just as interesting and you can only learn from things like this - it's a win/win situation.

    Of course this is just an idea and can be fleshed out to wild proportions of which I'm sure you can imagine yourself.

    - Sean
  15. I like the idea of Paypal.
  16. I think because t11 says that their artists are always watching then could the artist actually post on the forums? and could the cerca trova things always be on time (even though wayne is very busy) could differant artists also post cerca trova.

    and also could there be more coin stuff, and articles from the artists on routining (sp.) and making shows and stuff, also I think that t11 should make a book- that would just be so incredibly awsome, full off sleights and effects and making gimmicks, or maybe the book could be split on two, one half is effects/sleights/gimmicks and the other half could be all the articles that have been put on here, (the forums) and articles in the artist special kinda thing - chriss kenner does a comedy article, wayne does a presentation of how to make your magic darker so stuff like that?

    the END
  17. I love that idea. I would love to see that. We need adjones here so he can give you a seal of awesomeness.
  18. Maybe a download section where you can download all the postcasts, the songs that have been released for the contests, some cool wallpapers, maybe the one that won that SNC, the one that says magia :p
  19. Please more smilies. The life on the site is dead. :desperate:

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