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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aris.SA, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. yeah, I think we need reputation for posts, the ability to delete posts, and the ability to embed videos
  2. Me wanty an off topic forum section.

  3. a chatroom would definetly place t11 in another light then any other "magic page"
  4. maybe thats the wire ;)
  5. Fullscreen

    I dont know if some1 has mentioned it yet but an option to watch films in fullscreen would be really nice.
  6. Nice idea, I think that nobody have menctioned it... Hope they add it to the media ;)
  7. The last time I will say this. We need more smiles. There just isn't enough emotions to use.
  8. I agree with that. I also wouldn't mind the ability to embed Youtube videos!

  9. I dont agree with embedding youtube videos..

    I would like:
    -More Smiles..
    -Maybe rename the TRICKS section, because the trilogy and dangerous arent really TRICKS..
    -Add to the personal profile, an option to see who were the last peole that watched your profile..
    -Delete post option, there are SO MANY double posts out there, that can be just one :S...
    -Nothing I can remember right now.
  10. Ah, but the Trilogy/Dangerous contain tricks.
  11. please make this a sticky thread. I find it useful and it is the best way for the T11 workers to know what we want.

    A DVD DEDICATED TO THE ASPECTS OF MAGIC THAT AREN'T USUALLY TAUGHT- MISDIRECTION, PERFORMING TIPS, ETC. As well as their opinions of topics such as stooges and gaffs/gimmicks.
  13. I want a collab book of all the theory11 artists... with at least one trick from each. Preferably previously unpublished, but no matter. That would probably be one of my favorite books of all time.
  14. Some people and me have asked for it, but I dont know why they dont make this a sticky :(
  15. off topic forum
    dvd on presentation-misdirection, how to judge people etc, make a 6 hours 3 dvd set on buy it instantly

    until then, t11 is nothing more than a clone of E
  16. I vote for a book, not a DVD. You can put so much more info in books. Plus, for me, it's more fun to sit back and enjoy a good essay/book than sit there for six hours glued to the TV set.
  17. Maybe a download button in media section, so we can save videos on hard drive. And yes, more performances of T11 artists in media section.
  18. Just enter the URL, and download your videos there.
  19. I know that now Raiker is helping with the media section, I dont know if its your fault so I cant blame anyone, the thing is that before the media was MORE EXCLUSIVE not a crappy video would be accepted, now there are vids that shouldnt be there, and there are, the last 2 weeks or so, I've been noticing it, and I know I'm not the only one that think that, because I asked another member and he said the same, so whats up guys? it was more about QUALITY than QUANTITY, you should be more strict accepting vids.. I'm not gonna menction any name of the vids, because they may feel bad or something..

    I hope everyone post their opinion about it :)

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