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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aris.SA, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. yes i want to download t11 videos so that I could put them in my iPod
  2. Towards the beginning pages everybody seems obsessed with more shipping options. DON'T LISTEN TO THEM! Simple is beautiful.
  3. all the site needs is an off topic forum

    will create more discussion
    more enthusiasm to post
    people will spend more time on the boards thus resulting in more profit
    more members will join, and eventually some will also buy stuff
  4. So that's why! Oh, OK it makes a good point, It was easier to find your post so that I could quote it. Still How about rankings? we could have something like "Rad Ninja" for Danny Garcia, or "Heavy Eye-liner" for Wayne Houchin. We also need to be able to delete our post that we accidentally double-post. Also, something like a bag of goodies(literally, a folder that looks like a bag), where members could list the Tricks they have up their sleeves (including flourishes, magic tricks of any kind, cuts, displays, and Ninja skillz). As I've mentioned before, we need a map to show how far Theory 11 reaches to the magicians and other XCM'ers all over the globe (example; Me=Palos Heights, IL)
    OFF-TOPIC FORUMS!!!!!!:cool:
    Moderators make this into a sticky so that the thread bumping stops(although it's quite funny)!
  5. I haven't gone through all the posts, but I'd like an option to see all of the posts I've made so I can go back to my recent posts and look for replies.
  6. you can do that loking in your public profile.. but a quick access would be much better....
  7. Yeah I would really like to see a 1-on-1/Tricks section so that we can openly discuss methods/variations etc.

    Also Media Downloads would be cool.
  8. I hope that helps!

  9. If u are in a mac, go to activities.. and you can download the vid.. cant remember the shortcut right now :p
  10. I think having some props that are cheap would improve T11.
    Such as flash paper, loops, gaffed coins, and so on.

    I think paying $10 for 5 cheap pieces of elastic string tied together is totally stupid. They should be like 50 cents per loop, if that. Those of you who don't but should know what I'm talking about is E.
  11. I think that if they do that, this would be like another magic distributor, and not an exclusive one..
  12. I'm pretty sure the tricks here, the 1-on-1's, media section, and soon to be Wire already separates Theory11 from any other magic website. Selling supplies like these cheaper would make Theory11 better.

    I feel that Theory11 is a magic website designed so that your not wasting your money on tricks that you'll never perform. Everything that they produce is worth every penny, and their not just out to get your money and make a profit.

    I know other magic websites only are in it for the money, and basically will sell anything to make a quick buck.

    The artists here know about spending money on cruddy tricks because they were once one of us, not to long ago. So selling supplies like loops cheaper would actually help us out a whole lot.
  13. Hey I got ur point but I think they should do that with Accesories, that are needed for their products.. And t11 hasn't released anything using loops yet
  14. Theory11 should be more like this site
  15. dammit it would be pretty cool, I hope the.wire is something like that :p
  16. What's so great about that website?
  17. Let me just say that virtuso, daniel madison, dan and dave used to go there. It's the famous cheaters cheater but it was closed in 04.:(
  18. haha yer, it would be mad if the wire was like that.....
  19. I reckon the wire will be a podcast/radio type thing.. so I wouldn't get your hopes up!

    If t11 turned into a site like that, it'd be pretty sucky in my opinion.

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