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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aris.SA, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. hahahahhahaa xD he is dating with his invisible gf :D
  2. Releasing the wire would be a VERY NICE way to improve t11 :p
  3. I definetly think we need a development/brainstorm area. It can only help everyone.
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    Owh.. yeah.. a paypal payable option...

    Edit: Opps already there.. but just shows how much we need it!
  5. no problem, I hope they have it soon ;(
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    You know what? I also agree on the Paypal suggestion.


    - Off-Topic section on the forums.

    - Membership for discounts and pre-orders would be amazing as well, but if you did this...I'm sure you would spend a long time amongst yourselves figuring out a fair rate for such a thing.

    - More history on the effects here. I'm always wanting to find out what inspired that original concept of effects like Distortion and whatnot.

    - Of course the.Wire

    - Theory11 Tally-Ho decks? I'm not saying to come out with a knock off Viper deck, but something along the lines of that with a dash of Theory11 style would be pretty interesting.

    - I suppose that more moderators would be nice too, but as of yet...I don't see the need for it.

    - Accessories. I want this place to be, in the words of JB..."the go-to place" for out magic needs. How about some Joe Porper clips? I can't believe that amount of people I've run into who ask me why their clip isn't doing it's job and only to find out that they bought a knock off.

    - A suggestiong box for future 1-on-1's. I imagine that you could make that into another section of the forum.

    - How about bi-annual (twice a year) live feeds from different Theory11 artists and crew members. This would kind of be like a 1-on-1 except it wouldn't neccessarily be for sleights and whatnot only. We would love to hear from some of the big guys about their views on topics like Showmanship, and know, the stuff that can't be taught in DVD's or pamplets.

    If I can think of anything else, I will be sure to edit this post.

    Shane K.


    I completely forgot to add this one.

    - A "For Sale" section to the forums. We all have things that we just don't use anymore. Why not keep it amongst ourselves here at Theory11 and share the love...for a fair price that is. This section would kind of be like the "Spring Cleaning" section on the forums.
  7. i edited my post krash.. know my post has ur suggests =)
  8. Bumping n bumpin is the way to go ehh aris!!
  9. Get more people to be moderators..
  10. I Agree.
    (word count)
  11. This is my first time in this thread, and I can say that there is one thing I disagree with.
    " Accessories. I want this place to be, in the words of JB..."the go-to place" for out magic needs. How about some Joe Porper clips? I can't believe that amount of people I've run into who ask me why their clip isn't doing it's job and only to find out that they bought a knock off."

    I guess that would be nice, however, porpers would be against what Theory 11 said in the beginning. I forgot which clip (i think its in the what is theory 11 video) j bayme says that you'll notice everything on this site is a 1st party product. He says that everything on this site will be first party. So what would lets say the point of Theory 11 coming out with invisible thread be? We can already get good thread from another site. What's the point of a first party clip when you can always buy porpers? I think that Theory 11 for now will continue to make DVDs, I'm sure more cards will come out as there is a page dedicated to playing cards, and thats it. Maybe in the future Theory 11 will add different things than we come to expect, but overall for a while things will be DVDs, and maybe a few new decks of cards.... oh and the wire whenever that comes out ;)
  12. dancing women on the front page, all with t11 banners in the background... oh and a constant video replay of the 'bug' going into dannys eye in slow mo... :D
  13. i think that every person with blond hair gets free wynns, and jerrys. that would improve theory11 by a ton
  14. I cannot understand why a off topic section has not been created yet..

    i hope you guys at t11 realize it would improve this site 10 fold
  15. I think I just crapped myself!
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    I dont think that an off-topic forum is really necessary. I come to theory11 to talk about magic, and I have been on forums that have an off-topic forum and it really makes it kind of unprofessional because a lot of immature people gather there. Although I think it would be good if there were limits set in the off topic forum(I'm sure there would be eventually), then I would agree that this was a good idea.

    Trick/effect brainstorm/development area

    Yes I think that having a development area would be a good idea(I would like to use this idea to ask for feedback on effects too). I am working on some tricks that it would be nice to have some feedback on. It would be very nice to assist and be assisted in the process of making new effects too.

    Download Videos at Media Section

    I think that beign able to download media setion videos would be a good idea. However, I think that there should be an option for the people who submit videos for T11 with which they can allow other people to download their video.
    For example: there could be a checkbox or something that said, "Would you like other people to be able to download your video to their computers?"
    If they choose the "yes" option or put a check in the checkbox, they allow people to download their video. If they don't want other people to be able to download their video(either for privacy reasons or whatever) then, obviously, they choose "no" or don't ut a check in the checkbox.

    Just my input,
  17. hey I'll underline and bold the suggests that t11 crew are making possible =)
  18. an off topic thing wont be necessary?
    have you been to E lately?
    hell its happening here
    every day the same topics pop up...theres only so much about magic you can talk about until the well runs dry

    mix in some off topic, and the boredum doesnt set in as fast..
  19. I assure you, all moderators and staff go through this thread on a regular basis and read most of your suggestions.

    I'll talk to everyone about an off-topic section and see what they think. Because I also believe it could help out.

  20. Ah, I see where you are coming from. I should have been more specific with my suggestion about the accessories. I meant to note that the products that will be featured here should be within reason.

    I completely forgot about the 1st party thing. Then again, would the Trilogy be considered still from a first party source? Now, that's something to think about.



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