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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aris.SA, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. If it's completely ridiculous and it doesn't matter then why do you care? Just honest curiosity, not an attack.
  2. I used the General magic forum to boost my post count. :D

    Pst, I'm just kidding.
  3. I meant that worrying about post count is completely ridiculous, and the your post count shouldn't matter much in judging someone. Someone shouldn't be treated as a god because they have 10,000 posts.

    Sorry about the confusion. :)

    John :cool:
  4. hey T11 why don u change the ''Member'' thing below our names.. according to the post numers, like decknique it'll be really cool :D
  5. But if we made the description change depending on the posts, the number of posts would matter, thus you could spam your say into being a 'respectably named member'.
  6. thats why mods and admins can ban people ;)
  7. That would be sweet...
  8. sure it'd be ;)
  9. I don't really agree on that though.. do you really need some 'MAStERMAGICIAN' rank on this forum to boost your ego? I think not.

    Heck, I'd even go as far as to say include an option so you can hide your post number..
  10. ok, I'll add it to the first post.. if that is ur wish ;)
  11. Hmmm... what about if there were set ranks for posts? eg: Beginner, Avid Poster, veteran etc., or maybe they could be assigned ranks eg: Cardist, Card Magician, XCMer, etc.
  12. assigned ranks would be ok i guess.. but I still do not see much of the point. THe good side of that arguement would be that it would make you easily identified and more easier to approach when one has questions. example: question on stage illusions will find a stage guy.. and etc..

    (but that wouldn't be ranks would it? would be more like a profession identifier)
  13. I think that we should have a ranking system, probably a set-list, such as "Uber-Flourisher" or "Elite Ninja". There are rankings and classes in the real world, why not online?
  14. We were able to for like the 1st day on here, but they decided that only Admin/crew members/those dating crew members should have them, that way their posts are easier to spot, and harder to miss.
  15. Well..i'm all for anything but the recurrent argument is that would it compromise t11's integrity with people just wanting to reach those statuses?

    (I could tell you that I am an elite ninja..but i'd have to kill you)
  16. Ouch.

  17. heh.. I just noticed that. I want an avatar.. maybe I should go for Asher XD
  18. I think they dont want us to have avatars, so we recognize them easily when they post..
  19. Ooh, I didn't mean that as a burn, just that you are the exception to the rule.
    I'm sure that if JB and I were to start dating, I would get an avatar also.

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