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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aris.SA, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. I think they should have specific forums for the different dvds so when you buy them you can talk to others about them
  2. I hate to bring up a dead thred, but this is the best place to voice my opinion:

    I think there should be more Q&A Videos. The one that Chris did was really great, and I would love to see some more of these types of videos.

    That is all,
  3. I second that motion, Angel!
  4. It is not dead.. just that we are waiting for our input to be implemented.. Paypall pleasseeeee :(
  5. i think i speak for quite a few when i say:
  6. Well even though there are some stuff to improve on, I dont really think there is much to improve on because this is good enough, what more can we ask for, we have like the best community of magicians helping eachother, and we also have professional magicians by opur side.
  7. Nick.. I can't one on one cause they do not accept my credit here.. >.< I'll wire cash to you through the Western Union :p
  8. hey can a Mod or somebody make this thread a sticky? I think it should because it really helps this site growing and growing.. think about it mods =)
  9. I go for the live chat thingy =)
  10. I still think an Essay Forum would be awesome. :D
  11. More smilies like decknique. THey have like 100.
  12. I would like a "Original Magic Inventions" Thread where people could post their Magic Tricks, and get feedback on them.
  13. Hey NinjaAce.

    I think that this would be a great forum to have. There are some logistical issues to solve, however.

    If you open discussion up for creation, you automatically open it up for exposure. To be a useful tool for creators, discussion of sleights has to be allowed. Without allowing it, you limit the potential of the forum significantly. Even with a set of guidelines (i.e., only discuss open source moves) it would have to be very carefully watched because no one person knows everything about the origins of every move. Mistakes would inevitably be made.

    One possible solution could be a pay forum. There could be a small membership fee or something to that effect in order to allow for a more lax set of guidelines. But even then, the issue arises that the members would be separated by who was willing to pay the money instead of who really wanted to utilize forum to grow as a creator.

    We've got some pretty creative people on these forums and I'd love to see some discussion in this topic about possible solutions for these type of issues (and not just regarding this particular idea either). That's the great thing about the N-Generation - age and credentials are beginning to matter less and less. The only thing that counts is the quality of the ideas presented. Help us anticipate and solve these issues and who knows where this might go.

    Word to your respective mothers.

  14. I believe that theory 11 is doing a great job, but I would like the chance to be able to download t11 videos so that I could put them in my iPod (Magic in Jeopardy, for example). Also it would be pretty great to have an off-topic forum and more smilies. An avatar for every member would be pretty nice too. ;)
    Oh and a map of the world to show where the pictures from the wire come from (exact cities).
  15. Sorry if this has been posted already but a Mentalism section in the forums would be nice. Not everybody is a card juggler oops I mean flourisher. Or is it a cardist? Whatever you guys are calling yourselves this week...Lol:p
  16. If you use Firefox browser (and why wouldnt you) there is a cool add-on that lets you download flash videos from sites like this and you tube and such. I belive its called download helper.
  17. There u go ;)
  18. doesnt that break the copyright act?.. shouldn't we as magicians be more professional about that -_? and for the millionth time.. pay pal...
  19. Nice words man, I'm also new and however many ideas are contributed I love T11 (not in the gay kinda way) WE NEED AVATARS!!!!!!:D
  20. Hey, I know SO MANY PEOPLE will AGREE with the thing I'm about to say...

    I think that theory11 should improve their forums, maybe tell their mods to CLOSE a thread whenever it is to stupid or something like this..
    As palmer said, there are 2941341 threads reviewing centurions and wynns.. why? in ONE thread of centurions everyone can add theirs to that thread not make a single thread for a review of the same product.and some threads about what flourish do u do when u wake up? for God's sake please.

    In conclussion, I think t11 crew should tell their mods to autmatically close those useless threads and those 313123233 reviews about the same product, and just organize them in one or 2 threads.. that way the people that make thos annoying threads will get used to dont do them ..

    Please t11 read this so we can have a better forum ;)


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