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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aris.SA, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Yeah more smileys guys :( you just have to turn on that option and you will make us happier :)

    A repping system would ROCK the house :)
  2. Hands down, T11 needs a reputation system and an offtopic section.
  3. sorry to bring this back to the top XD

    okay what we NEED

    1. mentalism
    2. weekly contests (its not fair that only americans can enter the snc's)
    3. (Im sure lots of people are gonna not like this but) could t11 take the basics, and make a video on how to it properly (like that colour change 1 on 1) and then give it out for free? im sure alot of people could learn alot on how to do moves properly.

    seriously - t11 is awsome, why not make it better?

  4. MENTALISM section
  5. I still like my idea 'cause I'm selfish like that. :D :p

    - Sean
  6. You dont have to be American to enter the contests. Anyone can.
  7. Well yes, but then again you dont have to be in macdonalds to eat a Happy Menu. What i'm saying is, an european would have to wait until 6 a.m to enter the contest (and then film something and create stuff).

    even worse for Russians or Asians.

    Not very pleasant, hm?

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    I understand but they cant do one for every time zone.

    If you dont want to get up early to enter no one says you have to. Several here from the UK enter and have won. All I was saying is you dont have to be American to enter but I understand it might not be convenient.
  9. Getting more people to moderate, other than T11 staff, can be a tricky thing. Giving someone authority to mod can get out of hand, I've seen it happen on other lists not related to magic (sometimes a co-mod can work, where their authority would be limited).

    I would hope we mod ourselves, first as individuals, then as a community.

    • Think before we post. I know I can come off strong at times with my posts when my intent is not that at all. I've seen plenty of reaction online to posts that werent meant to be negative but were taken as such.

    • Understand that this is a forum. Its often times difficult to understand just what someone is trying to convey simply because we dont have that one on one interaction. It can also make it a bit more easy to be a little quick with our words and act / react from a place of limited understanding. It also seems a little safer to post stuff to someone when there is little real consequence.

    I think the mods in place are fine. Things seem pretty fair thus far without being overly strict. In a community we arent going to all agree- thats just unrealistic. We should, however, have some degree of respect for each other, and, I think that the mods here keep this in check just fine.

    As part of a community, I dont think that the T11 staff / mods would be opposed to individuals (who have a legit problem) voice their concern to them. From what I see, I think they would encourage it (mods, correct me if I'm wrong here, please). Don't wait for someone else to step in or step up for you. If you see something really inappropriate here, voice it. As a community, realize that T11 is a gift (as are other fourms). Its a place where we my be able to have more interaction with like minds than anywhere else. Take advantage of that.

    Who is T11? Its members are. Without us, T11 would be nothing more than an idea. Help them bring their ideas to fruition. They are listening.
  10. I would love a chance to enter a SNC. I've never entered one, and some of them have seriously interested me.

    Maybe just a trial period from T11 where the SNC is held at an appropriate time for some other people? (Like the UK).

    I realise and accept that the SNC's are held selflessly by Theory11, and that "beggars can't be choosers". But, I think I speak on behalf of a lot of people when I say I'd love to participate in this and join in with the rest of the community.

    -Sam H
  11. I have mentioned it before, Fullscreen for the vids because theres no good reason not to have it. I would also like to see a "laidback" forum where you can discuss other things than magic because its kind of a drag to go to another site if you wanna discuss something else than magic.
  12. yeah, I mean weekly contests because then everyone has a chance to enter - no matter where they are.
  13. Never read truer words on these forums. We definitly need more mentalism.
  14. Please please, for the sake of my sanity if nothing else - shut up about bloody smilies. You may have the most posts, but this is probably because you make the same irrelavent and unhelpful posts several times in each thread. I am sorry everyone else, but it is seriously driving me mad.
  15. That doesnt make any sense. Its a magic site. If you want to talk about Köttbullar you go to a food website. You dont go to a food forum and talk about magic.
  16. Going crazy over the internet. Get a life man:rolleyes: Besides I made that post a long time ago. Times have changed and the site has gotten alot better.

  17. need to get some droger and and stop hatin on me.
  18. LOL. Just saying.
  19. Ha. I'm not hatin on you bro. Besides I love Köttbullar:D

    I'm just saying that specific sites are for specific discussions. Many have suggested an off topic thread. Why? This is a magic site. If you want to talk about kite flying go to that site. We don’t need to clutter up the place with a lot of non sense. Just my opinion.

    Oh, and I try to stay of the droger as most of the time I'm working and generally folks don’t like to fly if the pilots impared:eek:
  20. Theory 11 needs more cardistry related events :p

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