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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aris.SA, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Can you give an example of what you had in mind?
  2. I didn't read this entire thread, so don't be hatin if my suggestions have been said. ;)

    I think the SNC should just be the SC. If it was open all day everybody would be able to play instead of just the Americans. (And whoever happens to be awake at the time by sheer luck.)

    Also, this site needs some standard equipment! You can't buy anything but silly cards and DVDs here. Where's the sponge balls? What about the invisible decks? Cups and Balls? (We need a C&B DVD.) Nope! Just dumb shirts and bad cards. *Sigh* When JB said this would be a one stop shop for stuff I almost thought that we would be able to buy supples and stuff, but I guess that was just a pipe dream.

    End rant.
  3. I most definately disagree. I hate that rep system in other forums, and to keep my post breif, i'll just say - imagine the social hierarchy it'll create. Maybe i'm being too paranoid here, but I think it'll begin making members too full of themselves.

    Even when they haven't been helpfull. It'll be like the 'you subscribe, I subscribe' rave that hit youtube.


    PS: w00p w00p 700 posts! :cool:
  4. I do not really see the need for a ranking system either, although I agree with 4757joshua2's comments that we could do with more basic supplies. Some stripper decks, invisible decks, one way force, Svengali etc. Flash paper would be good also. Just steal everything off penguin magic! Topits, shells and the Knife through arm trick that I still need to get...
  5. I totally agree :p

    They should make this thread a sticky..

    I dont think this site should sell stripper decks, invisible, sponge balls and those ones.. just cards cards cards :)

    And the guy who said like what kind of cardistry related events? Maybe more contests about cardistry like CCC or more SNC about cardistry, or I dont know..
  6. You can get those supplies at any other site.
    Do we really need another supply shop?
  7. I wanted to mean that, but I didnt know how to express it... :)
  8. Its ok, thats why you love me.

    Now go find me some Hallaca so you can ship it to me.:)
  9. I think so.

    I totally agree with Gustav on the whole ranking system thing by the way.
  10. Thats kewl.
  11. haahahah :O do you know whats an hallaca? do you like them? :p

    I never thought that an American would know what does hallaca mean xD
  12. Because we all have other interests besides magic, and our cultural and individual interests and peculiarities can influence our art. We invest ourselves into what we perform, and magic reflects culture, history, and imagination. Presentation shouldn't be just some stock script you apply to a trick: it should be the sum of you and what you're about. And that involves more than just your magical knowledge and opinion.

    Speak for yourself - most people would argue that the things they're interested in and the things they have to say aren't nonsense.

    Magic is more than decks of cards and $30 DVDs. When you share your interests, your personality, and your life, it helps shape the art. How does the fact that you're really good at the violin factor into magic? Or that you lived in Japan for 12 years? I bet you can find a way, and I bet it will make your magic unique and better than the next guy's.

    Also, an off-topic forum is a way to help build community. We all have lives outside of magic, and it would make a stronger community if we all got to know each other better. And you know what? What magic really needs right now is community. An open sharing of ideas, philosophy, theory, and advice. It's too much of "You sell, I buy". We're a consumer culture, not a community of like-minded performers. We've got the Magic Cafe, and then what else? A bunch of stores. If we had a forum to discuss magic, and then not-magic, we'd eventually find ways to blend the two. If you don't find that exciting, then maybe you're right where you need to be.
  13. But we all know that people would abuse an open forum.
  14. Good thing this thread

  15. Who told you that? they clearly didnt tell me. 'Non-magic' section seems cool.
  16. Personally I don't pen spin, but I am willing to be that the pen spinners would like it to be in Theory11. Instead of the Underground Magic and Cardistry Epicenter. It could be the Underground Magic and Cardistry and Pen Spinning Epicenter.
  17. Go to a forum with off-topic sections and you can just feel the chaos. Try it.
  18. Not where i went, and im a member of a couple of forums. it actually developed a sense of camaraderie as we found different people with similar opinions bout things.

    these 'Things' i speak of can be the discussion of a sport, Hobby, a recent film that came out, a Youtube video or a fat chick falling over.

    It says underground magic and cardistry epicenter.

    That basically translates to some sort of school doesnt it? imagine a school without any breaks, just plain ass'ed lessons.

    Use your head.
  19. I'd just like to see a product section of the forum mainly.
  20. Sounds good to me!

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