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    Improving the World... One Interaction At A Time.
    A Performers Guide to Cultural Interactions
    By William Draven

    As an actor at a major motion picture studio, and theme park in Hollywood, as well as a magician I frequently get the opportunity to entertain for from all over the world. A year ago or so a document was released within our entertainment department that outlined different countries, and some good information you can use to create meaningful, lasting encounters with their people.

    I immediately saw the advantage of this information for the magician community because what are we if not entertainers? We can use just about any tool at our disposal to help create that one magic moment with our audience that can make it even that much more memorable. So I got permission to share the information with you. Of course this project will take some time to post up, so I'll be updating this based upon two factors. The first being how well received, and appreciated it is from you the community, and the second how relevant the community feels this information is as applied to their lives. That is to say if not encouraged, I won't keep it up. Otherwise, I'll post new threads titled: "Improving The World: {country name}" that that specific file relates to.

    Without any further delay, I bring you our next country: England

    Country: England
    Continental Location: United Kingdom, Europe
    What They Call Themselves: Brits, English
    Primary Language: English
    Prominent Cities: London [capital], Liverpool, Manchester, Brimingham, Brighton, Blackpool, Sheffield, York; Stratford-Upon-Avon.
    Well Known Historical Sites: Stonehenge; Buckingham Palace; Tower of London; St. Paul’s Cathedral; Hadrian’s Wall; Harrod’s department store; The London Eye; Sherwood Forest; Abbey Road.
    Currency: The British Pound

    Starter Phrases:
    Thank you & Goodbye: Cheers

    Cultural Notes:
    Prominent People/ Celebrities: Davide Beckham & Wayne Rooney (soccer); Kate Winslet (Oscar winner); Ricky Gervais (actor, “The Office”); Susan Boyle (Singer); Simon Cowell (impresario); Gordon Brown (Former Prime Minister); David Cameron (Current Prime Minister); Amy Winehouse (deceased) ; Sir Elton John; The Beatles.
    -Popular TV shows: “Big Brother;” “Britain’s Got Talent;” “X-Factor.” Refer to
    -The Royals refers to the Royal Family led by Queen Elizabeth II. Her son is Prince Charles (known as the Prince of Wales). Not all Brits are fond of the Royals.
    -Soccer is called “football.” The FIFA World Cup is the biggest team sporting even outside of the US. The English are always heavy favorites to win, as they did in 1966 when they hosted the tournament. The most popular professional teams are Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool & Chelsea (based in London).
    -Much like the US, there is a cultural divide between the Northerners, considered hearty, salt-of-the-earth types with thicker accents (Liverpool, Manchester, York, and Sheffield) and Southerners considered more cosmopolitan and posh (London).
    -English flags feature the red “St. George’s Cross.” The Tudor Rose is their floral emblem.
    -Brits may refer to each other, even casually, as “love.”
    -Wembley Stadium is a gigantic new facility outside of London, where football is played and massive concerts are held. O2 Arena in London is the multipurpose venue where Michael Jackson had been scheduled to play his comeback concerts.
    -The 2012 Summer Olympics will be held in the greater London area.
    -England’s theater hub is London’s West End. Popular venues are Theatre Royal Drury Lane, The Old Vic, Theatre Royal Haymarket, and the Palladium. The new Shakespeare’s Globe theatre is located on the South Bank.
    -England’s best known universities are Oxford, and Cambridge; Rival schools!
    -Famous characters from English fiction: Robin Hood; Lady Godiva; Merlin; King Arthur & Guinevere; Ebenezer Scrooge, Sherlock Holmes; Frodo Baggins & Gandalf; Harry Potter.
    -Basil Fawlty’s Tower hotel was in Torquay (TORE-key) on the English Riviera to the South. (Fawlty Towers is a fictional story.)

    What To Avoid:
    References to Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland as being part of “England” or being “English.” They are part of the United Kingdom; however they have fierce regional loyalties and their own football teams.
    Avoid saying “fanny” as in fanny pack and “bloody.” These are not polite terms in the UK.
  2. Updates to this :
    ::The British Prime Minister is called David Cameron ... not Gordon Brown.
    :: Fawlty Towers was a fictional comedy series. It's not a real hotel ran by him.
    :: Amy Winehouse is dead, and was nothing to be proud of when she was alive, because she was a drug addict.
    :: Fanny means vagina here. That's why we laugh when Americans use it in completely serious phrases.

    Although you've explained what you're trying to do. The United Kingdom is probably the most culturally diverse continent on earth... so it's not necessary to learn all this to come and perform here.... but it's nice that you're interested in learning about the place you're visiting/performing at.
  3. Crap... I should have paid closer attention to who the PM was.
  4. Don't worry William, we care as little as you do about our Prime Minister.
  5. I think amy winehouse was very talented, you were a bit harsh. Also, england is not a continent, and if it were, it wouldn't challenge america as the most culturally diverse.
  6. She was a talented singer, but she squandered all her money, took drugs in public, let her fans down by canceling gigs, couldn't appear in her own music videos etc..... all for her massive drug and alcohol habit.
    I'm just saying she is not a current cultural reference, as she has died, and not a proud talking point for most Brits because she was a bad role model.

    What I meant to say was the UK is probably part of the most culturally diverse continent on earth. I rushed my response.

    I didn't say England was a continent though.... there is a difference between England and the United Kingdom that I believe William understands.
  7. Thats a far better way of making your point. I would agree with that, well if i was british.
  8. William, you should've added Top Gear as a popular tv show
  9. Also "Bloody" isn't really though of as a bad word, unless you're from Victorian England.
  10. Top Gear.... ya know I never thought about that. Though I should have considered doctor who. >.<
  11. You also forgot to note the high unemployment rate, gang problems and knife crime! Mention any of these and i'm sure it will make someones experience a whole lot more magical. : )

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