Incredible Prediction

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  1. ...One of
    these shows took place a few days before the final of the
    Wimbledon Tennis Championship. John wrote a prediction (sight
    unseen of the audience) and sealed it inside a padded envelope.
    He then asked a spectator in the audience to sign the envelope
    several times (no stooges - it could have been anyone). Next,
    John took a Polaroid photo of the spectator standing there in the
    theatre, holding the sealed envelope, and stapled this photo
    across the flap of the envelope. Finally, John gave the envelope
    to the spectator to take home and keep safe for one week.
    The next show took place one week later, after the Wimbledon
    finals had taken place. The same woman brought along the
    envelope that had been in her possession all week. It was still
    covered in her own signatures and it still bore her own photo, just
    to prove that it was the exact same sealed envelope (which it
    really was). Invited to join John on stage once more, she herself
    opened the envelope (with John standing well away) and took
    out the prediction. It was a 100% accurate prediction of the
    results of the Wimbledon final!
    The above is a factually accurate description of what happened. It
    may sound incredible, and it is. I doubt John will mind me telling
    you that it was a trick (those of my readers involved in the dark
    deceptive arts will recognise the ingenious effect devised by Lee

    This is an excerpt from the Full Facts Book of Cold Reading, by Ian Rowlands (which I cannot recommend enough) and was wondering if anyone is familiar with the effect, or can tell me where I can get it. I have had a look at some of Lee Earle's products, but unless I am mistaken, there is no way of knowing which ebook/DVD to buy in order to find this trick.
    Any information is welcome.


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