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  1. While my other thread was slightly contrived, this one is the opposite.

    In my other thread I said that we don't convey our true reasons behind performing.
    I may have mentioned mine but here it is again: I perform to stand out from others. I like the attention.
    That in mind, I had the greatest thing ever said to me by a lay person.
    They said: Your music and magic truly inspire me.
    Simple enough.
    But it was enough to ground me instantly.
    No one had ever said that to me before.
    But it had a profound effect on me.
    I had impacted someones life to the point of inspiration.
    While I didn't set out with the intention of inspiring anyone, it still jolted me when this person said this.
    Honestly I think this type of reaction is better than any type of freak out reaction.
    This reaction hits home.
    I remember sitting there listening to Hugh Laurie's track St. James Infirmary and talking to this guy over IM.
    He then hit me with that line. It really set me straight with how magic should be performed.
    Magic should be performed with the best intentions, I think.
    It's been said if you're having fun then the audience will too but I also think if you go out with the intent to inspire someone, you can do that as well as let them have fun.
    I'm going to try go out and perform without trying to be the center of the attention and instead try to provoke thought and inspire someone with magic.

    I know this is a complete 180 from my other thread when I said that no one purely performs to make someone happy. I am not saying I've completely changed my mind. I'm just saying that I want to try to perform for less selfish reasons that I used to perform for.

    Anyway, I hope I provided you with some food for thought. That's all.

  2. I agree 100%. The best reaction is if the person is truly inspired and I believe it's the best experience the both sides can have. When we were thinking with my brother what's the purpose of "Mengel Brothers", you know what's the core- why we really like to do magic and how we would like to do it... then that is when we came up with the slogan: "Live To Inspire!"

    I mean isn't inspiration, whatever form it might have been, THE cause that got us all into magic? We saw someone perform, we got our first "WOW" experience, we were inspired of what we saw... So shouldn't inspiration also be what we give back...? Just a thought...


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