Dec 4, 2011
Imperial, CA
Anyone know where I can learn this routine? I know Chris Kenner pretty much created this effect, and its one of my favorite card tricks although i would rarely use it in the future due to its complexity and risk of angles. Does Blue Crown have their own interpretation of this trick? All comments are welcomed
May 21, 2011
Bedford, England
Alex Geiser has put his own take on InTenCity on the Blue Crown and it is much more beautiful and elegant than the original Chris Kenner handling (not saying CK's handling is bad :p)
Dec 8, 2011
I believe Darwin Ortiz originally created this effect. I do a variation that uses a nice John Carney color change in it.
Bill Goodwin has a cool variation of it in a sandwich effect called radical sandwich in his lecture notes-picking the carcus clean.
Nov 7, 2009
Paris, France
I'm biased but:

Yoann (aka Flegz) has a super visual variation that received praises from Chris Kenner himself. Although the only way to buy it/watch it now would be to buy the MS card which is a lot more than you would expect for one trick.

But then again, you'd get 17 of them, including one by Bebel and one by Tony Chang.

Or you could always try to win one card in our sweepstakes on Facebook. ( for more infos)
Might be worth checking out ;)

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