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Jul 13, 2009
Hello T11 community. My real name is Keo, which is pronounced Kay-oh, it is my Hawaiian name. However, in the past I've gone by the name Nexusmagic as well as Silver_Fang. I've been a part of the magic community for about 13 years now and had been a triple threat actor for about eleven years. I got my start in paradise, living on the island of Kauai, I've been in magic for 12ish years. From the very beginning I've been very theatrically forward with my magic, which has made my path in magic difficult. I prefer to talk more than do magic and if I were to go serious with magic I see myself as a sort of comedian or in the very least a very eccentric, almost macabre clown.

I have a great interest in the dark and occult, something that I've been integrating into my magic for a very long while. I don't perform magic and haven't picked up a deck of cards in a good long year. I currently work as server/bartender/room service attendant, for a Hilton hotel here in San Antonio. Along with that job, which is full time, I work a seasonal job as assistant actor director, assistant manager, set fabricator, set dresser, and actor at a local haunted house. I've been with this haunted house for about 3 years now and am now currently going back to school to get my degree in technical theater (light design and set design).

Hope to meet,

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