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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by spcwill358, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. it is not really a card trick but a series of "kinda colour changes"
    but i do like it, mostly for the name =]
    the problem is endding clean because im at uni at the moment and my friend saw your trick and he asked me is all the jacks are on the top. also u had a bit too much cover for the last bit. dropping the card and covering it with the deck than your hand. covering a card 3 times is not the best thing. the concept can go quite far. ive got an idea for a mentalist effect from it
  2. so the new card effect are doing already invented color change?....just asking
  3. Thanks for the input. I think I will add I false shuffle to the beginning and find a way to change the end. What's your idea for the mentalist effect?
  4. Well it is not a new color change or anything. I just wanted to take the sleights I was learning and make a routine out of it. I am go to change it up a bit.
  5. i wouldnt call it inventing a trick. i would call it working on a routine. there are many effects where cards are changed from ace of spades, clubs, dimonds, hearts
    so its not a new trick in any means. and there are versions that are better than this one where all the changes are done at the top.
    check out patrick kuns youtube page for example. he does a valentines day effect that is essentially what you are doing, but using more than just 4 aces or any 4 of a kind for that example.
    But its good that you are trying to use whatyou know to make up routines.
  6. I guess I should rephrase my Thanks for the examples.
  7. ...Has anyone ever heard of colour changes done to music? By God, he's a madman!
  8. i rather see if i can do something before saying my ideas =]

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