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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm looking for an alternate to the invisible card. As in predicting a single card, cleanly. Preferably with a single card in envelope or something similar. The routine begins with a billiards ball hit over a spread faced down (marked) deck. So as I read the back, I would usually then get out my invisible deck, but I want an alternative!

    Any ideas guys!?

  2. In terms of a single card prediction (one card in an envelope, or in hand), Invisible Card would be hard to beat - as there truly would be nothing else in that envelope (or in your hand). If there's a specific reason why that wouldn't work, I'd be happy to provide any insight or suggestions! If doing so would expose anything, feel free to PM me or anyone on our team.
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  3. Hey, thanks for getting back so quick. Invisible card is in the post, but the video download showed how, if I stuck to my shooting a billiard pool routine, invisible card wouldnt work unfortunately. Dan Madisons Advocate is a possibility, but Im sure theres a better option out there!
  4. Silent Treatment by Jon Allen

    Kollassal Killer by Kenton Knepper

    Both of these would work if I understand the premise.
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  5. Silent Treatment, as I understand it, wouldnt work Im afraid. The entire deck is spread on the pool table, a the cue ball could stop on any card. My job is to then shown I have predicted that, you see how invisible deck works perfectly, but unfortunately, people seem to know the deck, most have seen that part before, some people even have one!
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  6. All that you'd have to do is have the instructions for the pool player written on the pad and the card would end up in your mouth. I may be thinking of a different effect but I'm pretty sure that silent treatment allows for ANY card to end up in your mouth.
  7. Oh really? If thats the case thats perfect, when he said 'memorize a card from this picture' I assumed....but I'll check it out! Cheers
  8. It's not Silent Treatment, it is a similar effect though. I made a mistake. There is a trick out there that works along the same lines as Kollassal Killer and Advocate. I'll see if I can find it.
  9. If you find it, I will give you a virtual high five, and a real one if I meet may not think it is worth much, and you'd be right. But the help is appreciated!!

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