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  1. I want to do some calculator magic (random numbers are multiplied but the outcome is preset) this apoarently works on iphones well but on an android calculator, the iperations list and current sum total are always visible

    Ive tried multiple apps that give different calculators but everyone of them either has the display issue or calculates wrong (follows different operating priorities)

    Anyone know this trick and have a viable app to do so? Can i get an app name and creator for easier search?
  2. Yes, unfortunately as mentioned
    A) the operations commanded stay atop and
    B) it dosent count the priorities correctly

    Try on your phone, either iphone or android use the default calculator, enter a number you want forced , then hit the plus sign, zero then multiply sign and then start entering numbers and multiply them as much as you want , when you hit equals the forced number will appear.
    Downfall with android is that the forced number stays written in the operations history atop where as on iphone, once you hit the +,0,X
    After the force number , the screen displays as if nothing has yet happened. As if its a fresh start. And most apps will actually keep adding on to the force number giving a different result than expected.
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  3. Yes I’m familiar with the concept I use it all the time on my iPhone... I searched for an android alternative but couldn’t find anything sorry.
  4. Im fairly new to the concept but if your familiar with iphone does this apply to ANY iphone model noatter how old or new to this date? If i get a spectator with an iphone to pull his/hers out there is no chance of this going wrong and be like "sorry ma'am your iphobe is not compatible with my trick?"
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  5. Look for RealCalc. That's what I used before Cipher came out. Still keep it ready as a backup.
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  6. Look fishy as hell but itll do, thanks!
  7. It's a standard scientific calculator app. What about it looks "fishy"?
  8. I have been using RealCalc for years as my main calculator. Not only does it do what you ask, it is also (unless something new has popped up recently) the best Android scientific calculator app around.
  9. I don’t know about older iPhones but I’ve been performing this trick since the iPhone 4 and it works just fine the calculator app hasn’t changed much since then.

    Performing it with the spectator’s phone is a great idea even if you have an iPhone because most people will think there is a secret app involved so using their phone takes it to another level.

    With that being said you need some misdirection and audience management so you can put the result without being suspicious. I think Justin Willman did it once in a great way but can’t remember exactly in what performance.
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