IS the match trick safe?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by gatraya, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. I think almost everyone knows the trick where you like a match then smoke comes out of your mouth. I know how it works but is it safe? I have not tried it yet. I think Daniel Garcia said it was safe, but i am not sure.

  2. I've done the trick before, but I'm not entirely sure it's something that's good for your body :D.
  3. I believe there is a warning on the trailer for the effect, or maybe in the product info. From what I remember it can be harmful to your body if you do it the wrong way or maybe if you continue to do the tricks multiple times throughout your life.
  4. Thanks! Is anyone sure? Meaning does anyone know for sure?
  5. Well, it's as safe as inhaling smoke can be. It's not terribly unsafe but it's an cheaper and less versatile version of "Smoke" available here from the wonderful people at Theory 11. Anyway, but I wouldn't recommend doing it all the time, eventually there could be some negative effects b/c it's actual smoke, where as the smoke from "Smoke" is actually a vapor that is completely safe to inhale
  6. I agree completely. SMOKE is awesome it just I am not over 18 also this is not something I would do daily or even monthly. Just something I could pull off for the right audience. Thanks!
  7. Ok glad I could help

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