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    Hi people,
    please help me on this...
    There seems to be a unproportionate ratio between the top border and and bottom border of card back...
    I have been buying bicycle decks from online blog and magic stores.
    My area (singapore) do not have any official poker card store and such...

    Thanks in advance
  2. It happens.

    Here in the us for several years our rider backs were often 'crooked'. The left and right borders looked like baseball bats.

    Not sure what you are asking, but this kind of thing happens.

    On the plus side, you now have a subtle, factory printed one-way marked deck!
  3. And, on the even plusser side, you can make a deck of naturals! That'll get you a lot of winnings in poker...
  4. Agreed. It seems to happen with any cards (except bee I suppose)
  5. Well the faces can still be off, but that doesnt matter as much
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    many cards i bought also end up like urs.. even custom decks too
  7. I can happen with bees and the backs are still marked if you know what to look for

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