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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LeeAsher, May 2, 2008.

  1. You're cool and everything, Lee, but I'm saving my first buddy-position for Aaron Fisher.
  2. I've talked with Lee a few weeks ago via emails after I've bought a pdf on his website. He's an inspiration. I'm a beginner in magic but I felt like a long-time friend with him.
  3. "Yeah me and Lee are friends, we go way...... back. I remember it like it was three minutes ago. Oh wait it was!" :p
  4. I got an idea. How about, in addition to "Buddies", we have "Nemesis". You can add those people that you constantly get into flame wars with.
  5. I think people would prefer being friendly that would mainly just encourage them to be more hateful towards their "nemesis."
  6. Hey! I want to be friends with everyone too!

    However, I don't think starting a trend with "Add Me" threads is necessary. So I have decided to ride the coat tails of my buddy Lee and tell you guys that I have some killer ideas for this buddy thing as well.

    Just so you know.



    PS: Lee, thank you for being a friend!
  7. Lee,

    If you shave the goatee we are breaking up on the forums...

    If you buy me a plate of Fois Gras you can be in my Five =)

  8. What does this friend feature do? It seems we just pop up in someone's profile and we can add comments kind of like Facebook. =P

  9. friends with lee and katie, i hope i am.

    on a side note...what is lvmi? and where and when is ibm sam?
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    The LVMI stands for the Las Vegas Magic Invitational.

    Don't worry, you don't need an invite. And if so, BAM - I just invited you.

    It's a summer convention held in Vegas every year. It's usually known for top talent, great jam sessions, and lots of magic. It's certainly worthy of your time!
    (cut and paste if not clickable)

    There's even going to be an Erdnase discussion this year. Very interesting!

    As for the combined IBM SAM -- that's in the summer too. They expect over 2000 magicians from around the world. It might even rival FISM! It's July 21-26, 2008 in Louisville, Ky.

    Here's a link for that convention:
    (cut and paste if not clickable)

    Hope that helps.


  11. sorry but JB's mine, LOL, ever since he said my name in that video... :rolleyes:

    and when he made fun of wayne and said 'in waynes case, virginity...' :D
  12. aww man...I would go...if i had the money.
  13. someone's going to have the highest friend count....
  14. hey check out my public profile.. and watch what lee said.. too lazy to copy/paste..
  15. Very interesting...

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