J.B. Left Handed?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by forane, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Just watched the Classic Color Change again and noticed that J.B. is doing it left handed. If this has already been brought up I apologize, just wanted to know if he was left handed, or just does the change left handed. Just wondering. :D

  2. i think hes left handed
  3. Maybe he is like me, RIght-handed but does card magic like a lefty(Deck in Right Hand).

  4. Hes left-handed.
    Just invert all he says to your other hands. I.E. use right hand for change, left to hold cards.
  5. uhh...whoopideedoo?

    I don't really see the point o fthis thread :p
  6. I agree with Wadstrad. ;)

    Anyway, JB is right handed. However, he does some stuff in card magic in the opposite hands.

  7. Yea i agree with you guys that this thread is pointless lol but i found it to be a good opportunity to let people know when they learn the Color Change...
    if they are a righty they should change the hands up because i am assuming at least a few younger magicians or newer ones who are righties did it just like JB when they should have switched the hands.
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    Heh! Like Praetoritevong said; "Close enough". Wadstrand is actually my last name, but be my guest if you want to call me that. Otherwise, GW, G::W, or Gustav, or even Gus work just fine ;)
  9. It seems like sometimes I do magic in my left hand and others in my right hand. Hmmmmmmmm...

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