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  1. Hey guys, I’m considering about buying a JAQK blue edition from my friend . However , when I search for it on google. I found out that there’s two types of blue JAQK, one is darker and one is lighter . So my question is , which one is rarer and worth the collection ? Thanks for the answer in advance :)
  2. The darker the lighter one is available now at t11 so if you can get the dark one.
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  3. None of the JAQK Cellars decks are available now at theory11 - each edition is limited and when we sell out that is it!

    Rarer - the original, lighter colored version.

    Worth collecting - all of them, if you can find them! Original, Red, Black, Blue, and Amethyst.

    // L
  4. Wow thanks ! I had his friends who collected rare cards but then he quoted magic . So I’m getting his deck in lower price :) by the way , which do you think I should buy first ? JAQK light blue edition or David Blaine blue split spades first edition ?
  5. The Jaqk series is cool. The red appears to be the most pricy around the $50 ball park area when they become available. The dark blue , black and purple are all about $20 each the light blue will fall 35-45 in the range . And as Lyle said. They won't be reprinted . If you can't decide between 2 decks .... there is an easy solution ..... get both

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