Jones Change Taught Wrong?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DeckCheck, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. i have this feeling that the jones change was tought wrong on the trilogy dvd, i thought it at first but then i just thought i didn't pay enough attention but i keep watching it and at the end its the same card thats revealed. i think i figured out wah they are trying to do but i cant get it perfect

    any help
  2. This was said before at As said in there, just try to move the other card. And yes the Bucks know it.
  3. Its not a feeling, its really taught wrong :p

  4. I hope you're as angry with your English teacher as you are with the Buck Twins for not teaching properly.


  5. For your info boy i got an A in higher english which is the best you can get here. Its just cause i was in a rush to pick up my little sis from her after school club and its just a forum so i am sure folk will understand what am trying to say.

    Although i am very sarcastic myself so i have to say i also found it quite funny

    P.S cheers everyone for any help you gave and can give
  6. People like this are not helpful to the forum.
  7. But they do make it more funny.
  8. I agree... that just made my day... thanks Dave
  9. By "taught wrong" you mean the explanation is not the same as the performance?
  10. tellings us people like this are not helpful to the forum, is not helpful to the forum

    me telling you that telling us people like this are not helpful to the forum is also not helpful to the forum

    i like those inputs, he should be also upset with his english teacher, at least dan and dave admitted they were sleightly wrong, 'nice'.

    without the laid back humor and witticisms theory 11 would not be the same.

    don't you dare tell me i'm not helpful to the forums

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