Journey To The Center Of The Deck

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Michael Kras, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone!

    Here's an effect I've been developing recently... it's essentially a transposition but with a nice added hook to it. I hope you enjoy it and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

    Michael Kras
  2. The only problem i have with it is that you should explain why is it dangerous for the king to be in the center of the deck
  3. Your dribble makes me cringe.

    Its not a fabulous trick, the cards are face down too much for my liking. I think it could work better as a sandwich effect. Like as you run two cards 'through the centre of the deck', a card appears in the middle of the two.

  4. Why did my dribble "make you cringe?"... Kind of a harsh thing to say don't you think? I see nothing wrong with it. And if that's all you really have to criticize, I don't see how it's your place to criticize. Either put your ego away and be constructive, or continue making a fool yourself by flaunting what you seem to think you know.
  5. To me it just looks terrible.

    Your the one asking for advice, so take what you get, and don't get all defensive when someone gives you negative criticism.
    I said what I feel of the effect, the only thing I actually liked was the story behind it, and even that is pretty corny.

    Don't ask for thoughts, if your not ready to take negative comments.


  6. Here is a cheat sheet for ya Kras.

    The writing in green is constructive.

    The writing in blue is just a personal problem with Jden, nothing to get nickered about bud. Notice the amount of "I" in the post...

    The routine is good, however when you put the king into the "Middle of the deck" as you say but cut the deck several times, it is not parallel. Perhaps instead since the switch happens above the deck, make the entire deck the center of the eart and say something like "The king gets lost in the center of the earth, which is dangerous because of (Fill in whatever here)" The fact that you say LOST and you do the series of cuts looks parallel to the story being told.


    Woops just realized that the deck isn't the center of the earth X3 Sorry.

    But what I said is still food for thought. Another look over the video leads me to believe that you really don't have to do the cuts when you put the king into the center of the deck. If that is true, trim the fat! Cut the king to the center and be done with it.

    This trick would be fun to do with an audience, you CAN use audience participation with holding the cards.
  7. And I do! :) Thank you for your thoughtfulness in looking at this piece! It's one of my favorites for small groups of spectators as I'm all for implicit magic. Thanks again!
  8. Is this what Magic is becoming?
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    I think the handling can be cleaned up a bit, but I like the idea. I do agree, a quick explanation of why it would be dangerous to be in the center of the deck would be nice. Maybe uniform the two selection processes if they're not forces, both out of a dribble or both from a spread.

    It's a neat piece, something I think people will enjoy as long as you let them know it's all in good fun. Keep it up, maybe PM me if you want to session out some ideas on making the handling more economic without increasing the difficulty (something that invariably happens when I attempt to change the handling of

    As corny as it is, I prefer it over the last few years of 'Okay, so I put your card in the middle, see? Now Watch...You see, now they've changed huh?'

    Michael seems to have the personality to do this type of magic, play it psuedo-serious and have fun with the audience. The reason so many people have trouble with spectators calling them out and not enjoying the magic is because they fail to entertain them. The spectators efforts are put into figuring out how the effect is accomplished, it's a mere puzzle to them, not a performance from a seasoned entertainer.
  10. I hope this is a joke. Otherwise, magic is bound to be a world of super explicit YouTube webcam effects that makes spectators scream and have nightmares.

    This is implicit, engaging, and it fits my style as an entertainer. It's one of my favorite pieces to perform based on premise alone.
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    it is not what you do but how you do it. anyone can do a tranpo and can one can come up with a nice story to go with an effect but u have to do it right.
    If you are going to tell some kind of story with an effect then do it. dont just throw it in half way. at least try to induce the deck as a scary world. also one min the cards are card then they are people, let people know what the cards are before you start the effect. you have the cards face down for far too long the longer the cards are not seen the less of an effect it has. this is even more vital if you are going to record something as it will be watch over and over.
    i dont quite like the way people will just live someone card a and straight away say nope card a is in my hand u got card b.
    i like that you are being creative but there is a reason why people dont do what u are trying to do.
    one. because it is harder, u have to get the right balance
    two. there are many more things you need to think about
    three. most people who try to do it your way dont do the effect justices

    i quite like your effect, just not the way you did it. i like your style as an entertainer, just not the way you did it
    the biggest problem is the way you talk. i get why you do it but u sound like a cartoon character, you are a person before u perform and after. now when i get asked to do magic i do go performing mode i do change. my voice does change but its because now it is go time. im a laid back person who doesnt care about much but when i perform i act more confident (i do mentalism and suggestion btw). i take a more authoritative tone because now im taking control of everything around me.
    our voices change naturally when we are with parents or friends. when we are joking or serious and you just need to make your voice seem natural
  12. Whenever I watch a performance of someone doing an effect for the camera, I treat it as if they are performing for me. So I become the participant. When I watched that video Micheal, no offence, but I wanted to ask "What the HELL do you take me for?"

    Now everyone has a performance style, a way of engaging with people and thats fine. However, you NEED TO DO IT RIGHT. I don't know how you perform for people in real life (also that was only a 1:48 video so its hard to conclude), but I sure hope you don't perform like that for people in real life.

    When I asked that question, I wasn't joking around. It pains me to still see people perform like that.

    Ask yourself this while watching that same video from a different perspective. Is there an essence of Magic that can be felt from what you performed? And how you performed?
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    Perform like what specifically? This is my style. It's what makes ne unique and what gets me work. Yeah, I don't talk like a teenaged laid-back doofus. That's all part of my appeal as a performer. It's engaging to my audiences... Trust me, I know what I'm doing. Keep in mind not all of us have the goal of making ourselves look like wizards with magical powers. Maybe you shouldn't act like a parrot and echo the thoughts of the knowledgable without fully understanding those theories yourself.
  14. Valid point. I hope you do know there are performers out there who are brutally honest with the Audience when performing, those who lean away from the "wizardry". You are not trying to force people to believe you have a magical ability, but you are putting forth entertainment. And it is GOOD, WORTHWHILE, and SENSIBLE entertainment that needs to be focused on.

    And you should have no delusion when asking yourself this.

    Very disrespectful. Very disrespectful. Seems you don't welcome my help.
  15. Are you sure "your performance style" is what get's you work? Or is it your "performance style" that limits the amount of work you get, when you could be getting a LOT more? I am not saying this is the case, but you should be thinking about it.

    As for your performance, these were my thoughts while watching it.

    "could he spin the cards more?"
    "could he dribble the cards more?"
    "could he flick the single card more?"
    "ohh... he did spin the card again, but not very well."
    "ohh... he flicked the card again."
    "oh, he turned the deck again and riffled them again too."

    Also, you said that this was "engaging". How is any of that engaging? It is you yelling at your audience a story about two cards. You do not involved the spectators in any way. You do not get them invested in anyway. You could as well simply just walk up to a group of spectators, and yell at them, "OHHHHH KAAAAY, now watch this amazing demonstration of my two index fingers, BOB AND KEVIN!!! It is dangerous for them to be together...! OH MY GOSH! WATCH." And do the ol' famous jumping fingers trick. That is how "engaging" your trick is.
  16. I get plenty of work thank you. My style is what makes me unique.

    How is it engaging? Admittedly the way I presented the premise in the video was NOT engaging. But, with a slight adjustment in my script, it can and will be. Thank you for your feedback!
  17. Its people like you that make me hate magic.
    Your stupid way of performing magic, that makes it look corny and childish. And when you ask for help, and people give you negative feedback. You ignore it. YOU'RE asking for it, take it! Don't ignore it.

    This may be your performing style, you may like it. Which is fine. But have you been doing it this way the whole time? Why not change it up, and see if you like it or not.

    But you'll probably ignore this post, because I said a couple harsh words.

  18. Easy there JD. In time. And proper experience a person will grow.
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    That's a bit harsh don't you think? I'm performing. At least I'm not "umm, I'll put your card in the deck and, umm, uhh, it comes to the top, see? I'll do it again, blah blah blah I'm a babbling teenage idiot with no personality".

    My over the top voice comes from my experience as an actor. And, like it or not, that's ACTUALLY HOW I TALK. I'm not putting on a "voice"... You hear me in casual conversation, my voice is the same... Just less theatrical because I'm not performing.

    Stop pretending you know ANYTHING about magic, get off your high horse and realize you're no better than anyone else here. How dare you tell me how I should or shouldn't be as a performer. That's the equivalent to me telling you to stop slurring your words and go to a speech coach so people can understand what comes out of your mouth. (which, as a side note, I do recommend... I've been doing vocal coaching and it's immensely helpful in magic, beside my intended purpose for use in musical theatre)

    Before you bash me for being unique, maybe stand back and realize you're exactly like every other teen magician and that as much effort should go into your persona and stage presence as your technique.

    You know why I ignore the bulk of the negative feedback here? Because its NOT CONSTRUCTIVE. Seeing things like "your dribble makes me cringe" is not only insulting and disrespectful but doesn't help me in THE LEAST BIT. If you're going to be critical, at least do it in a beneficial way. The ego some people here have is appalling... Save the harsh criticisms for the experts who actually know what they're talking about.
  20. Not everyone is a teen here, and not everyone here is without experience. They may not have the experience in voice coaching or acting, but they sure have experience in Performing. And there are some who have gone the mile, come back, and gone again with new insights worth evaluating. There are some who have gone way past your performing experience (not career, don't get that mixed up), way past what you have tried and dare not try - who have listened, tried, thought hard, have been brutally honest with themselves, and have returned with golden nuggets for those with the potential. There are also those with the critical eye, who have seen the good and bad, and have the clarity to DISTINGUISH these good and bad.

    They may not know everything about Magic, they may not have reached the highest pinnacle of performance, and they can damn well be no better than anyone else - but they have principles, integrities and are mindful of all these which they keep. You should know, its not the man himself, but the work of the man which says a lot about what, who and how they are.

    You may be experienced in many things, but where is the proof in the things you show? Even though you have the higher education compared to most, how do you know you are not doing exactly what you loathe them to do, but in a different way? Worst of all, even with such qualities you aquired?

    It is good, to take the knowledge and insights of others and shape your own path. Mold it the way you see fit, no one has the right to tell you how you should walk this path. But, when you take that leap and share it with the world, remember it should be of fine quality.

    A person like you should understand this.

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