Just Luck Illusion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mystifier1, Jan 2, 2009.

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  2. vid doesnt work
  3. ok i fixed it try it now
  4. eh...seemed obvious
    but hey thats just me
  5. Looked pretty cool!

    Didn't David Blaine do the same trick on his special?
  6. wow:eek:, i could never hit a dart board you got mad skillz :D
  7. LOL cringe
    anywho great Idea, keep it up.
  8. Great IDea, finally, a video you made that seemed credible, if not amazing! ;)


  9. yeah i think he did
  10. Wow. Cool trick. I am horrible at darts though.
  11. yah nice job dude is this your method or the one you can buy? Anyway i really liked this
  12. to be honest I dint like it at all the tossing action of the dart happens way out of the view of the camara, I think its quite obvious, sorry dint like it, I dont think your method would work in real life situation

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