Kid doing Criss Angel tricks

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by James Wise Magic, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. I agree, those angel wannabees never post a video with an audience.
  2. Seriously?

    Obviously this kid has no appreciation for magicians or illusionists. If he was an actual magician he would be doing his own tricks, in front of an audience. its obvious this kid uses camera cuts and tricks and the illusions he does, cannot be performed live. If you are actually amazed by this poser than you are not someone that is inspired by magic and has no REAL love for this art form. i will be posting my own online videos of real magic being performed on the street and in front of crowds. I will post a notification on this website about it
  3. I love Criss Angel im not gonna hide it, but unlike others im gonna do his type of magic ( not exactly the same tricks he performs) on the street and post the videos in about a month or 2, so please check them out once their up
  4. I agree, except for the fact that what he is doing is one shot, if he's so good why can't there be videos of him doing this live? I look up to Criss so god-damn much and yeah i dress like him but i don't copy him, i'd rather be better than him one day and Criss inspired me to be the best performer in the world just like he is now. But this kid on youtube isn't legit, he's no showman, he uses songs so the sound won't be off from cutting the camera, when i start my online show im gonna be performing Criss Angel type tricks surrounded, and better than criss
  5. He's a hack. nothing original here, just hero worship.
  6. If nobody knows about them, how do you know they exist?
  7. Maybe once he can afford another camera it will look more fluid on his edits... they are really poor. Anyone can layer video channels on top of each other in premiere, fcp, vegas, etc..

    Granted, he has some fans, but who knows... maybe the fans are all him as well? Why not make 100,000 fake Youtube accounts and subscribe to yourself? Instant internet success. lol

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