Late 1-on-1 This Week?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Donald C., Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. Guys,

    Let's take a step back for a moment. Our production schedule is more ambitious than anyone in this industry, and we're actually putting out GOOD material that we hand select - not just fluff to fill the shelves. Have we missed a few target deadlines? Yep - a few - our team is not perfect. But we have never missed a single major deadline - and I don't think a 1-on-1 release mentioned in a podcast counts as a major deadline. Less than two weeks ago, we released an entire new site complete with 5 new products, and one more nearing completion as we speak (Rising Card iOS4). We've been working as hard and as quickly as possible.

    Were we aiming to release a new 1-on-1 last night? Absolutely. So what happened? I held the launch. It was entirely my decision. Our production crew had it all ready. The video is edited. The video looked good. But it could have looked better, and I knew it. So we stayed up past midnight last night polishing it and making sure it was truly a representation of the best of our ability. If that is not the definition of quality over quantity, I don't know what is.

    We're breathing and we're resting a bit. We're human. We're still knocking out bugs on the new site. And we're hustling to get SMOKE back in stock within the next few days. I can personally guarantee there will be a 1-on-1 next week, and I stand by the decision to push it back a week. It felt right and I believe it was the right decision. There is plenty of other material to practice in the meantime. ;)
  2. I respect everything you say. I have never bashed Theory11, you guys always put out great products. However I just felt as if, I should bring this up, becuase it will help in the future so possibly nothing is mentioned and then not released again.
    I hope no harm is done. You are so right got quite a few moves on my plate right now, lol.
    I expect a new 1 on 1 next week then ;)

    - Donald
  3. I think that Theory 11 has produced some great stuff. They may not always make deadlines but i don't think I could either. I can't criticize unless I could do better. I can't do better and i don't think any of you could.
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    My airline said the plane would be here at 10:20, WTF am I doing still sitting here at 12:03??

    I should go complain to the front desk, *Runs along to raise Caine*

    This thread is the same situation, try not to whine to much. If you really want to whine about a product not coming out on time, whine about Little Man...
  5. Because the missed release of a 1on1 will affect your life drastically.

  6. Yes, it has sent me into a chronic depression, stopped me from eating, and caused me to become dehydrated... I type this from my hospital bed ;)
  7. I think its time to shut the website off!
  8. I am personally very pleased with how much the T11 crew does for all of us in this community. They go above and beyond any other company that I know of. I completely agree with what Jonathan said about why he delayed release of the new 1on1. Media, specifically shooting and editing videos, is my field of work and study. I so wish I could have participated in tonights contest, but I had to work. Just fyi, my pitch would have included a trailer for the movie. :)
    I digress.
    Good things are worth waiting for, especially when it comes to a media project. I would rather wait for this new 1on1 to be the best it can be, even if that means waiting an extra month or two.
    So, while I wait for the new 1on1, I'm going to practice one of the other hundred effects I have, that I like, that I still need improvement on.
    Oh, and a big Thank You to the entire T11 crew for all of your hard work on our behalf! Many of us are exceedingly grateful for all you do.
  9. Calm down, buddy.
  10. This conversation is ridiculous.

    Give them some time. They just rereleased their whole site and have new products, and you want a 1 on 1? Very feeble.

  11. Nope. They said they would have a 1 on 1. Lock this thread please, mod.
  12. Hey guys,

    I think this thread has run it's course, and I responded directly to it on page three. Accordingly, let's return to relevant discussion.
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