Laying down the Blade.

Oct 2, 2008
To my Friends, my Supporters, my Teachers, my Mentors, my Influences. I have something i must speak to you all about today.

Its been a while since i've been on the forums, i am not a character known to most of you - theres so many of us here, how could the attention be grabbed just by me? Now that is the case. Normally i wouldn't come to this extreme and do something like this. I've grown as a performer from this forum, met a lot of great people, heard great stories, felt good legends. It is reflection and overlooking all that has been given to me which urges me to say something like this.

It was once said that a place like this is refreshing. New people comming together. New motivation and direction. And new energy which the olden dudes did not have. Many of us come here to try and take that slice of cake which we are welcomed to have. But not many of us have the ability to give back. Or the movitation. Or the correct mindset. There are too many of us that come onto the forums, bringing the incorrect mindset they grew from here. Forget about the main site. Lets talk about the community.

We have one dream, and that is to learn Magic. There a too many Giants here that have time and time again guided us all through the rights and wrongs, and had their fights. But it is the exact same problem that arises. Before i start, i want you all to take this seriously, and think properly, with the correct mindset, corrected hearing, and hopefully understand what i am to say.

First of all. What the hell is the general disccusion forums becomming? Why do i see useless trivial topics about lifestories and cards? Many of you here, talk about deep discussions, on your so called theory, presentation, ideas, etc. Did you know, that even until your lip is shaking dry, you have not moved a step? even with the guides from before, Steerpike, William, Morgician, and another mysterious guy i forgot the name of. Has no one learnt? Many of us here, the worthy ones, have left to find a better path. And many more swarm this place.

It disgusts me.

When a potentially deep, meaningful topic arises, why does it tumble down into uselessness? Now this issue has been mentioned before, no need to waste energy retalking. Just act as an reminder. Most of you come here, to learn magic. And hopefully become a better performer, a better magician. But are you really? Do you see yourself as a magician? I see you as a guy doing tricks. Seriously. Talk about art, talk about the glamour. Still old bums scratching your arse. Too much harsh words for a beginning. I will let you know. Not all have the ability to become a Magician. And not all can. Even to the extend of should. A lot of you will not understand what i am saying. Mods will be fuming. Let you be so.

You come online to learn magic, but how much actually have you learnt? Not the tricks, not the Sleights, that is not magic. Being a performer isn't even the Magic part.

It is the heart. Which a lot of you do not have.

What is this heart? Many of us aspire to become a well seasoned performer, many of us don't. And it doesn't matter if you are a hobbyist, and the title of Professional means nothing under the banner of Art. But one thing for sure, not many of us have learnt what it truely means to live up to the Art. Not Perform. But to live it. Are you a Magician, or a Guy who Performs like a Magician, or a person jus doing tricks. Do you see the difference? Forget about trying to make it into the trade, forget about all that. The root of the problem is the mindset and heart. Heart which you put into it.

That is the topic today. The topic about Heart.
Oct 2, 2008
Magic has become downgraded, from its already downgradedness. Though we work so hard to right our wrongs I will be harsh and tell you, even if there's been countless things already debated, no one out of the crowd really do take action. Serious action that is. Ones that have, have evolved. Ones that haven't...well you can see that they haven't if you have the Wisdom Eye. Be on guard for False Idols.

There have been Great Giants, who once helped us improve, or tried to help, but the wave of souless Citizens, whether you perform in this Art or not, have ultimately showed no respect in the education.

We have Clowns (either literal or non literal) in this Art using our deviousness and presenting it as silly little gags. We have Magicians who act like Clowns, even though they have a higher status and is respected through their peers, these people still generally act like Clowns; they perform as if people are supposed to be able to see it for what it is – presenting ridiculous excuses for being a Magician. We have people who sway from the path, and end up ridiculous. Then we have the ones aiming high, but sitting their like ducks. Those Great Giants have left us be because there are idiots around, only their echoes remain. Without them, we can go no further. Who are these Giants you ask? They are people who fight for a second chance in this Art.

Do you actually know people don't like magic at all; they don't want to see it, don't want to hear it. Did you know that? They may be smiling and clapping their hands because you have done some impossible things, but they only see it as the dirt they were brainwashed to see. Clever clowns pulling their pants up and down, all for chump change for the day. Stereotypes, bad performers, and failures all come into the question. Youtube Magicians for one, which have been said before, deserves to get shot in line, single file. If you are reading this, and you are a Youtube Magician (what I mean by that is, you sit at home only performing for the camera, make outrageous claims about you and your skill, not even bothering to improve yourself while you critique how others don't compare to you) then please stay, and watch my Revolver finish reloading.

It is because of these categories of people that make our magic look bad. And here you are believing that you perform magic. You have never performed magic, you just were a trick monkey all this time. Have you woken up yet? You think you know a lot. But your tricks are no where near Magic. The things you perform are like Lego. They are souless. Just like your tricks. Just like your Magic. Just like you. Reflect. It will do you good. Because to be honest, it would be better if you stopped and gave up from this moment onwards if don't see the problem. You are taught, given tools, and what do you do? You take it and misuse it. You go out there with this knowledge, and you act like a Clown. And you expect people to praise you, or even give a damn (after what you done – to which even though could see the potential of this performing Art). Luckily, there are still people out there who know how to experience it for what it is.

Pull out the gun before the blade.

The one thing that angers me more than anything is God damn fools like yourself. Its truthfully Okay to be unskilled, unseasoned, untalented, boring, Magician. But why after all these years are you still a unskilled, unseasoned, untalented and boring...."Performer"? "Unskilled!? Untalented!? Unseasoned!? Boring!? But I can second deal!" That is not the skill i talk about. Forget your top palms. Shady Gamblers Cop. I don't want to even smell your color changes. And your false shuffles. Don't even mention how many tricks you have under your belt. Get all that out of the way. And look at the truth. That is not Skill. And don't give me technical definitions about the word Skill. All mentioned, is what a magician should do anyway. The most basic foundation. Sleight of Hand.

In terms that you will understand - tricks are tricks. They are souless, meaningless, trivial and they lead no where in your audience's mind. A Trickster can only go so far because what they do and present are essentially puzzles (and if your spectators are having a bad day then it become annoyances in the end). And when you're done showing them stuff, the moment they walk away from you, how far and how serious do they take your Craft? People are well mannered, so they don't tell you this; while they smile and hope for your best, take a moment and reflect: do they really?

Thats why I'm doing this. For ones who do care for the Art and perform it well, or are on the way of actually showing what Magic is (and properly), you have all the reasons to laugh at them. You are the Samurai who will save the World one day.
Oct 2, 2008
You know people, most of you are amazing. You come up with great stuff. You have talent. But you have rocks in your brains man. Come on. Don't be replying to the topic, saying "Yeah, we need to improve our Premises.", "We need to revamp our effects - put a psychological spin on our ACR.". Or start going off in your own ways. I wish for you to think, and reflect.

Now you call this Craft an Art. And you think you are artists, or even touch upon the boarder. So then why are you focusing your attention, putting a "Psychological Spin" on an ACR? Do you see my point? Do you understand me now? A lot of us know and see the direction, but we are stuck. Stuck isn't the world, we are confused. Confused about the true meaning of what a Magician is. And this definition is very strict. Some of you may boarderline it to impossible. That is up to you to decide.

A Magician IS an Artist. Art is not a job. Not a hobby. It is the Mindset. the Heart. A lifestyle. It is one with you. Soley you. You don't pick up a pack of cards and become an Artist, or a Magician. Same way as you don't pick up the Paintbrush and become a Painter, an Artist. A Magician is not a Wizard, not a Cheesey guy that impresses ladies, or sleek. A Magician is someone who breathes life into the world, Painting it into Art.

So then what is the essence? Heart is most important.

A lot of you call yourself a Magician, but the moment your prop is placed down. You are a normal guy. The Moment you pick your cards up, you become a magician. Now you would say, even if i didn't have cards, i would still be able to do Magic. Oh really? Are you sure you're not just doing more tricks with other things? Now it is fine to do tricks, fine to not perform with things like Premises, Presentation, etc. Whatever the case. But do not confuse yourself as one with Artistic views, or having Artistic Ways. Half of you out there are puzzled.

So the problem seems as though is trivial or something not supposed to be aim for. But the topic is apparent. Not of the issue of Premise. Presentation. Persona. Or learning Sleights. Learning more tricks. Most of us do not live up to the status, Magician. Just of someone trying to be one. Or believing that we are. When we don't know what it is. You can talk about Presenting, Performing. Most of us need to know, that our capacity is no more than people doing tricks. Magic has become too industrial. Too Comercial. Too Strict. Too Defined. Too much Judged. And the sad thing is, our brothers don't even know that it us that make it so. It saddens me to see how many belive they have done good for the Greater Good. How many of us have swayed. Tsk. Tsk.

Not a lot of us can attain the mindset and heart. But be sure there are still some out there who have this capacity. To find it, you need to be harsh, and yield. I look at this forum, and the whole company. And i cant stop but feel...hopeless. With the amount of ridiculous kids joining, the amount of uneducated performers who fail to listen, and the awfully stubborn ones we look up to. We must take caution for False Idols. It don't matter if you don't become great, make money out of this. But it is very important to have that Artistic Heart. Something truely yours. No. Not emotion or inspiration to make a new flourish or a sleight. But the power to become Art itself. Is what truely satisfying. And the true aim. This, is the Greater Good.

Wake up Citizens. Come on. We are giving the wrong message. YOU are giving youself the wrong message. And will continue to do, if you all don't reflect. This isn't supposed to be solemn. Or grim. Or a deperessing thing. But the most depressing part is, most of us don't care. They think they can, with their current power push this Craft to a higher level, with what they have and will continue to reply upon. You all need to treat your Magic, as your life. It is not a hobby, you are not a Magician. It is the other way around. YOU are the Magician. Magic comes from you. And now, everything becomes intimate. Like a Dance. How many of us have truely danced this dance? Each moment, we breathe, we live, we create, we ARE magic itself. How many of us have the ability to be that way? Its a long road. But in order to even begin to push this Craft forward, we must wake up. Making it into Art is at the end of the Spectrum. You haven't even begun walking. How can you run? The sting in the Scorpion's Tail.

May you all take time, to reflect and attain this essence. For now, I have lost faith in all of you. You make me laugh. Make me despise you and your work. Make me shake my head. And will only walk away from the shame you have created for yourself.

Many Favour the Road. But it is traveled by Few. Til next we meet.
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Lyle Borders

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Aug 5, 2008
Seattle, WA
Not to sound like a hypocrite, but the only things I find as annoying as the garbage this guy complains about are the people who try to make a big "exit" whilst complaining about it.

Going back to what I was doing before I wasted my time.



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Aug 31, 2007
To be honest Shakutau, I appreciate that your desire to see some growth in the magic community and the urgency that you see.

That said, your delivery was not great.
When will people learn that being condescending and rude is NOT a good way to teach and encourage people to grow. A good mentor is the opposite of this. The people you want to learn from and desire to grow to be like do not treat you like garbage. They may have to be brutally honest with you every once in a while, but even then they do so with gentleness, and a true desire to see growth.

Your post came across rude, and very confusing. It could have been much shorter, and the ideas less jumbled. Think about it, and try again.
Sep 3, 2007
Is it difficult to consolidate your thoughts into a small post without having to bore us all?

When did it become so important to write 20 words for each one we think?
Oct 29, 2009
Just around
Yea, I only read the first post. But that was enough. I do understand what you meant (in the first post), and I think the best way to learn is to just go out and perform by yourself. To go practice yourself.

Sure forums are helpful, but I think a lot of people are on the forums all their free time instead of practicing. Guess what? I used to do that too! I just hope people eventually find out that being on a forum all your free time is not going to make you a magician. It's hard work and practice.

That being said, the parts I read of your thread did seem rude.
Jul 1, 2009
Is this supposed to be ironic or hypocritical? I can't decide.

Pick ironic because people can't live without...just ask scarecrow1.

But to adress the topic is to actually perform for living, breathing people and not just your webcam. I mean if your filming yourself to help its okay, but if you do noting but monkey moves and never perform well shame on you. These forums have help me out alot on my presantaion and using misdirection. Just right now I test my Advocate on my mom and work find. I use misdirection to clean up and she was freaking out.
Nov 4, 2009
I understand what you mean, dude, I do. But three posts? Really?
You came off a little snotty.
I don't think 'Mods will be fuming'.
I read your first post, and I sort of know what you mean with the heart. In a sense, that's what makes certain performers so good. They perform with feeling, and you can detect that when you watch them. I'm assuming that's what you mean by putting your Heart into it.

Not to be rude myself, but seriously did have a holier-than-thou attitude...Let's hope you speak to your spectators better.
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