Laying down the Blade.

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  1. It's kinda like someone playing the piano. You can tell when they put their soul into it, and really feel the music, as opposed to some one who just plays the notes.
  2. I don't care what anyone else says, I compleatly agree with this post. Despite the way that you have taken the thread, rude, ignorant, what have you, I am glad this was posted. Thats it, I enjoyed reading this, thank you for posting this.
  3. I don't think people disagree with the basic concerns he is laying out, but his delivery is ridiculous. This is no way to talk to people in ANY situation if you want to get results.
  4. I agree, though do you think that if he had talk "softly" that people would have taken his concern in the same way?
  5. Do you think that the way he did it has worked so far?

    I think by proposing a good discussion starter, there could have been some great thoughts and inspiration and encouragement.

    Even Steerpike doesn't come off like this.
  6. Not really, no.

    Never play an ace when a two will do.
  7. i just want to say this and hope that you read it.
    You are a very ignorant person, don't get me wrong a few of your topics are true. But nonetheless you are very ignorant i really don't feel that responding a post like yours is going to affect anyone. But anyway the few people that read this (and the reason i say few is bc its long) and others that didn't just understand its not worth reading because it just seems like he doesn't understand the true art for himself may not be right way just maybe his opinion. I know i'm jumping around here in topics but the question i have for you is this. The one thing i'm so curious about though is why, if this is your life profession, are you so worried and concerned for others? Its really not your job to tell these people how the art is for them and understand that it may not be the way you look at it but that doesn't mean its the wrong way let people enjoy magic the way they want to. Because honestly you need to take a breathe and perform magic for yourself and know that the true and talented will progress. And the others will do something else just live with that. If you need to explode more please feel free to pm myself. i will read thoroughly and take in what you say then respond.

  8. what is wrong with you people, u seem to miss the point again.

    im away lurking on this forum cuz i dont have anything to say with 95% of the topics on here.

    but anyway, if ur moaning for for the way he said it then then there is not hope. he is rude, yeah, so he is a mean person. im not gonna send him not xmas cards and there is not way he is seeing any birthday ones either.

    stop acting defensive. take what is good of all the rudeness. people get piss off for different reasons. maybe he wants to seem better than u all. maybe he wants u all to be as good as u all can be. maybe cuz he cares. this thing does look like some leaving speak, and how th forum is crap im going, but i dont think that it is.

    the forum isnt bad but it has not deepness.

    ur not a fool but u say u tested the advocate? used misdirection? ur still missing the point. all u say is the stuff that people will never see. people dont see slights or misdirection. it dont exist for them. only for you. they are not entertained with the advocate. they are entertain with wat u can do with it.

    i give a small example. not i have learned of 3 ways to do the same type of "trick". the problem is this will be had cuz its about method and i cant sell out secrets. the effect is about the audince guessing what is where. u can use cards, colours in envelopes etcs. i can do an out right con, no slights where i do not work, i can line up 10 cards both going form ace to 5 and tell them put this in an order where u goin to match the cards up by swicthing, this is slights.

    and i can do suggestion where im doing what im claiming to do.

    which is best?

    now some would say to use the con. no work. not sneaky moves but non of the other ones have sneaky moves either. if the props are checked before the trick u fail. they find u out.

    some would say the suggestion. it real skill and im doing what im claim to be. influencing the persons choice so they guess what i want them to. but this takes time u have to take the people through a journey and its not really something u can start out right with. it doesnt have a 100% work rate and i can mess up easier. cant get caught out but more risk.

    then slights. not anyone who say not slights cuz ppl might see should go practice. not set up needed, can do it on the fly. can have more control.

    so which ones better?

    none. it matter how wan to do it. u wanna write stuff, then use one method. is it important to not touch the cards, then another. the method means nothing to the person watching. u can do the con claiming to do suggestion then do some suggestion after. they dont care.
    just u can use the advocate dont make u a great magician. it makes u someone who is great with gimmicks. not saying that bad, im good with gimmicks.

    its the effect u create.

    there is a reason i used trick all this time til now. cuz a trick is just a trick. i trick is one of the tools to create an effect. misdirection, is part of that trick element. yeah there is presentation that's another part but that's all you talk about. 2 slices of a very tasty pie.
  9. u didnt get the point then. magic is not his job its who he is. who i am. magic can be art. my magic isnt in not good enough but i know what i want. the path i must take. one thing i know i am though is im an artist.
    im doing graphic design at uni. everyone there including teaches carry notebooks, cameras (who doesnt have some type of camera on them anyway). we dont just goin into uni and turning graphic designers/artist. we jot notes down. take photos of stuff we might be able to use. draw plans. my mind set doesnt change from me to graphic designer me.

    art is personal, art is growth. and why wouldnt u want to teach and inprove the world. even if the dude is wrong thats wat he trying to do. teach help. T11 wouldnt exist and non of us would if it wasnt for people like him that do are about other and magic and art. we go taught crazy stuff by people who decided to care. ok some do it for money, but people like D+M didnt do it for money. he did it for the message he carried as he saw magic as art. (sorry D+M if im wrong)

  10. What you say makes sense, but the context in which he has phrased himself made it sound as if he didn't want to teach but to tell others as if his way was right and others can only do it that way to call themselves artist and artist comes in so many forms so what gives an ignorant person such as himself to say people are not artist for doing what they want to do.

    I mean don't get me wrong opinions are great and help is always accepted if told in the right way. But when people go to a point of saying

    "May you all take time, to reflect and attain this essence. For now, I have lost faith in all of you. You make me laugh. Make me despise you and your work. Make me shake my head. And will only walk away from the shame you have created for yourself."

    And how in any way shape or form does that sound like teaching?
  11. yes its a rant. cuz he cares, wat about thats up to u to decide but he cares about something to get that pissed. as i said look for wat is there and not the bits of pissed off stuff.

    we cant stop youtube magicians being youtube magicians and we cant stop tricksters being tricksters but i know that they hurt the very thing im trying to do, magic. me im always looking to improve. ive needed to be took ranted at some times to be who i am. i look past the wasteful words and look at the thing that can help us improve. people only focus on 2 slices of the pie
  12. Tasteless and juvenile (that's with one "l" by the way)?

    Read over what he wrote. Is he making excessive claims? I'd say definitely. Is he passing judgment? Without a doubt. I'd say my comment was pretty accurate.

    No need to use smaller words, but I would appreciate proper spelling and grammar.
  13. *"Master of puppets" is playing loudly while a figure watches from a corner.*

    Muahahaw dance puppets dance.
  14. LOL i dont get wat u mean but great post. Loved it
  15. He means he likes watching the "fight" in this thread while just watching.
    Though usually the phrase "dance puppets dance" is uttered when the person who said it instigated the "fight". Hence puppetmaster.
  16. If you're reading this post, there is a good chance that you didn't read all of the first post. (Not a guarantee, but a good chance)


    I highly recommend it, the post is a good read.

  17. Yes usually it is but I am laughing at the puppets dancing as an observer, and as their audience I demand they dance!
  18. Nice, Keoke, gave me a good laugh.

    Like others have said, I agree with his points, as they are valid. Delivery was far of.
    As in, his sleights were perfect, his presentation was that of a novice.

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