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  1. Out of all the books out there about magic, which, in your opinion, is the best one to have. I have figured out that AoA is probably one of the best, but besides that, which ones are really good.
  2. Expert at the Card Table

    ...the end
  3. Paper Engine - Aaron Fischer

    Totally out of Control - Chris Kenner
  4. It really depends what you mean by "Learning Magic". The books above are great but for theory I would advise "Strong Magic" by Darwin Ortiz.
  5. Have to agree
  6. Just based off the introduction written in the book, I would have to say Carneycopia by John Carney. Not to mention the 266 pages of amazing magic that he presents ranging from classic sponge ball productions, ace routines, classic coins, etc... There is enough material and theory on the material to you last you 2-3 years w/o needing anything new to read. (provided you read it diligently and thoroughly.)
  7. The Tarbell course in magic.
    Definitely was worth sifting trough to find some great tricks.
  8. I agree 1000%!

    For years, I have been imploring magicians to get the complete
    Tarbell Course in Magic. Harlan Tarbell teaches in this course how to become a real magician. As he says right in the beginning of Volume One, “One can give medicine to a friend, but that does not make him a doctor.” Tarbell trains people to be real magicians knowing the mechanics and fundamentals of magic.

    Far too many young performers think that mastering magic is learning just sleights and words. Studying Tarbell teaches you what it is really all about. When you understand the total concept of what it means to be a magician, you will act and perform accordingly. When you do, your audience will recognize you as a skilled performer and give you the attention and respect necessary to work your miracles.
  9. Yes! Perfect! Thanks fro putting all that to words, the set really is one of the best things I own in my magic collection.
  10. Wow. I didn't even know more than half of these books. Now you know how new I am.
  11. tarbell is great, if you're new to card magic get card college. other good books include paper engine, Totally out of control, carneycopia, expert at the card table, card manipulation, 13 steps to mentalism, practical mental effects. I am surprised no one has mentioned apocalypse - harry lorayne.
  12. Expert at the Card Table is simply amazing.
  13. Pure Effect and Absolute Magic, both by Derren Brown. These two books are incredible to read, hilarious and ingenious! They made me change my way of thinking about magic and performance.

    ....too bad he took them out of print and they are almost impossible to find

    look anyways! try ebay

  14. Definitely have to second that. Pure Effect and Absolute Magic have been critical to my magic development. And they're not that difficult to find if you know where to look......

    You also need to have some Vernon in your life. Read Erdnase so you know where he's coming from, and then study everything Dai Vernon did.

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