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  1. Hey guys ,

    What are your guys New Years Resolutions for 2021? .... It's the new year this Friday.. You have to have at least one way to improve yourselves.

    Mine is to continue practicing these bad boys and lose more weight.

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  2. For the most part I've kept my love of magic to my wife and kids. I rarely perform anything as my self esteem and self criticism prevent me from doing so. My dad would occasionally make the hour and a half drive for birthday lunches and such. I always wanted to show him something, I knew he'd enjoy it, yet I always chickened out.
    Shortly before December he was diagnosed with cancer. It was a "very treatable" type. The following weeks he began to have small strokes. The doctors didn't know why. Due to Covid, no one could visit him in the hospital. I began to explore "zoom magic" to lift his spirits. In and out of the hospital all of December. The doctors got the diagnosis wrong. I had no more time to "get it right". December 26, 2020 at 6:30am my dad passed away. I am typing this heartbroken and regretful I never shared my passion with him. I know no matter how awful a trick I did, he would have loved it.
    I only really have a resolution for all of you... don't wait, don't hide it... share your magic with your loved ones, friends and co-workers. Don't "wait for the right moment" as I did... unfortunately time Does run out. I don't know where to go from here.... I just hope all of you learn from this in some way...
    Take care everyone...

    RIP Ronald Thomas White

  3. @CWhite Sorry to hear about this .... I know your dad is smiling down on you in some way. He knows that you help out in a big way, and is probably looking at every magic trick you do. .. I know that personally I feel comforted every time you tag me in one of those giveaways. It shows support. Which sometimes can be more fulfilling that anything else. It's little things like that which count. I hope you're doing well and staying safe. :)
  4. @CWhite, I'm sorry to hear about your dad. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    @Gabriel Z. - I'm working on my resolutions... will post something soon.
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  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. You'll be in my prayers in this time.
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  6. Get ripped af, consolidate my corporate magician bussiness... and finish the "Memento Project"
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  7. So, there have been a number of routines that are "almost done" for years or that I've got so many ideas about I can't seem to decide how to do them. My resolution for 2021 is to get those routines performance ready. Here they are in order that I'm going to do them:

    1. Jim Steinmeyer's Efficiency Stamp
    2. Needle Swallowing Routine
    3. Cups & Eightballs (routine with six billiard ball finale)
    4. Okito Box Routine (Combination of Marlo's and Bossi's ideas)
    5. Linking Rings Routine
    6. Wakeling's Billiard Ball Routine
  8. My 'focus word' this year is "Investment". That means -

    Investing in my performances, my finances, and my physical and mental health.

    For performances - I'm getting off my butt, metaphorically, and creating the 'authentic mentalism' show I've been mulling over for the past two years. I was supposed to get that show off the ground this year .. but .. 2020. I have barely performed since March, and have nothing on the books until August so this is the year to re-build myself in a performance sense.

    Finances - I'm working on building an investment portfolio so that my money will make more money. I'm just starting to get into this so I really don't know anything yet.

    Physical health speaks for itself - need to get back to my workout schedule.

    Mental health - I'm investing in creative pursuits, having more outlets that are not monetized and just for me to create things.
  9. Man. It's been a while.

    I was on a sort of extended hiatus because I was an editor (later head-editor) for a Pokemon fan-site. That ate up a lot of time and magic took a backburner. I quit in the fall due to family and health reasons and I'm trying to get into good routines again. So here's the magic and cardistry resolutions:

    - Be more active on the forums and do more of the contests. I've always enjoyed doing the contests and doing the "random" contests doesn't have that "exciting anxiety" as doing something like the magic, cardistry, photo, or "arts and crafts" challenges.

    - Submit a trick to Tenyo Magic - I have something in mind--something that I think is different than they have put out. I have diagrams and measurements and it won't be terribly difficult to put together. I would like to have the materials done, a video shot, and application submitted within the first two months.

    - Linking Rings - @obrienmagic does linking rings, @RealityOne wants to work on it. I need to get off my doff and follow suit. I have a couple pairs of Dragonfly Rings (2" rings) that I want to get good with. Long term, I would like to make a tutorial(s) on handling and make routines, possibly sell it as a bundle? The last part is going to be years down. But 2021 would be figuring out handling, getting down the basics of linking rings, and working up from there.

    - Cardistry - I'm still on a one-handed kick. I'm less about knuckle-buster stuff. I'm going to look for flourishes that can be done "continuously". I want to get good at something that I can "fidget" with. So displays and fans are out.
  10. School- and life-wise - Get my final exams done (as well as possible). Figure out what to do after that -- 2020 may have messed up what I wanted to do originally.

    Magic-wise: I've put together a couple of effects for a street show. So my resolution would be to get that act together (literally) and get off my butt (metaphorically) and start performing.

    Sports-wise: I started boxing just before our second lockdown hit. I want to stick with that and get into shape overall.
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  11. So sorry for your loss.
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  12. My resolution is to practice more magic and be performance ready. I also want to get a non profit started to get Veterans who are also magicians together to bring magic to disabled Veterans to give out decks of cards and teach some who want to learn some sleights.
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  13. Since I never follow through with my new years resolutions I should probably make mine for 2021 be:
    Drink more
    Gain more weight
    Perform less
    Spend more time online
    Work more
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  14. I’m a 27 year old army veteran, magic has been a life long passion of mine, but with serving time in the military I became a heavy drinker, partially because I had a thing (magic) so all the people in my platoon would continually bring me out to use me to impress girls and whatnot, but I rarely ever had to buy a drink at bars, that became a problem after my best friend killed him self, and I started circling into severe depression and had to be hospitalized for wanting to end it all. I got booted out of the army because I spent about a year where I wasn’t allowed to handle any weapons because the higher enlisted were afraid I’d put it right in my mouth, that only caused me to fall into further depression because I knew I wasn’t living up to what I thought I was supposed to be, then I was admitted into a hospital, and while I was there I preformed a simple three fly routine with borrowed coins for my therapist.

    That moment changed a great deal of my life because I figured out I was up until that point performing magic on other peoples standards and whims, but then I was just doing what I wanted to do, how I wanted to do it, whilst engaging and interacting with my therapist. I started spending more time doing in depth studies of coin vanishes and how certain ones complement another and odd variations of retention vanishes until I was happy with a piece I had fully put together myself.

    So my New Years resolutions are to do the same with card magic and to further my appreciation of coin magic whilst I try to master edge palm vanishing more coins than I’m currently able to, and to not just do magic because I have built up liquid courage
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  15. Also I’d like to be more involved with this forum in this year
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  16. Sorry to hear about your friend and all the troubles. Hope you can piece it all back together..... I had a similar problem back in 2008 with my mental health... to this day(Countless Doctors later) things still aren't fully recovered. Hope to see you more on the forums. Be safe. :)
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  17. We're here to help. Glad to have you with us.
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