Liquid coin effect, name?

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  1. Hi friends! i would love your help on this one thing. So I'm thinking of building this coin routine, with a trick i watched a while back, but i can't seem to find its name or where it originated. in the effect, the coin is halfway shown held in the magician's one hand and slowly squeezed out and drops to the spectators hands. But the effect is that the coin bent and is free for inspection
  2. There are tons of different ways to do this. I have an effect called "Liquid Currency" that does this. Not sure if that is what you are referring to? The coin cannot be borrowed using my method though. You have to use your own gimmicked coin for the coin bend.

    There are however as I said tons of ways to do this using borrowed coins and the coins can even be signed. The coin can be examined both before and after it is bent and they can keep in as a souvenir. Simply search for "Coin Bend Gimmick" and I am sure you will find a ton of hits. Chose the method you think best suits your style.

    Hope this helps!
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