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  1. Here is my dilemma. I don't have a wallet, and I am in the market for one because I don't want to hear people say "How can you not have a wallet?" (Make note, I haven't used a wallet for two years). I want to get a wallet that I can use with effects and I would prefer to have as many options as possible. I heard that Daniel Garcia was suppose to come out with a wallet, but I checked and didn't find anything. I wanted to hear your suggestions and why.

    Thanks all =)
  2. talk to Draven, he has some backpocket effects so he definately will fill you in...trust me...
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    Redi, there are many many magicians' wallets out there... Check out Outlaw Effects. They have a series of VERY good and very highly praised wallets, that do 15 gazillion things (as well as being a wallet). If I used a magician's wallet of some kind, I would use theirs. They generally have secret compartments, peek capabilities, and more.

    Also look into classic wallets like the Heirloom wallet and the Himber wallet. There are also other wallets for specific purposes like CTW wallets and Ring Flite wallets.
  4. DG's wallet is pretty awesome but it's not what you think of when you think of CTW.
  5. 4 words... The Triple Threat Wallet
    by tony miller. ( no relation)

    It is a double card to wallet (in diff. compartments) and its a fully functional peek wallet that is super deceptive. And its SOOO easy to use and it is really nice looking and man-ly
    Just google Tony Miller and the Triple Threat Wallet!
  6. I was going to suggest Outlaw Effects as well, but Prae beat me to it. Their Showdown looks awesome. A bit expensive, but you're paying for quality there.
  7. The Stealth Assassin from Peter Nardi (Alakazam Magic) is a fantastic wallet. Mostly gear for peeks and mentalism, but can also be used as a card-to-wallet. I'd held off on getting one for quite awhile, since I was waiting for DG's wallet to come out before deciding on one. Finally got the SA this past Christmas, and love it. (Though I'll probably ind up getting Danny's whenever it comes out as well)

    Not only is the Stealth Assassin really well-made, it also comes with 2 DVDs that teach you a number of routines that you can use with the wallet.

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