LOOKING FOR The most invisible IET& IT

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  1. An recommendation? thankyou very much!!
  2. The stuff used for loops is great. Either buy the loops, or buy the "Mesika Elastics Invisible Thread".
  3. Check out what Steve Fearsone uses
  4. I used the mesika loops and I think they are great
  5. Has anyone used the wooly nylon separated I hear it is useful as IT I'm looking to get into IT stuff but am on an extreme budget
  6. I love IT and EIT and have tried a few

    Wooly Nylon is the cheapest and easiest to find. However it is quite weak compared to some stuff magicians use.

    I’ve never used Mesikas thread except in a Tarantula- it was okay but it was my first IT I used so I couldn’t compare

    The best I’ve used is Vectra from Fearson. I think it strikes the perfect balance between strength and invisibility. I’ve got his Virtuoso thread as well - which is even thinner

    For EIT I have Legacy Thread - it was referrred to me as the best and I have to agree. It’s strong and very elastic and thin
  7. Vectra IT and IET has always done well for me.

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  8. The sudden resurgence in IT seemed to be associated w Tarantula

    Despite Fearson having very similar levitations already

    Vectra EASILY lifts my white gold ring - even more so, the ring I use for the T signature effect

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