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  1. Hi everyone. I just saw this awesome video of Lui Chien, and I was wondering where I can find the last effect, where he puts his hand through a glass table. ( If you can tell me the book it's in that would be best, if you know a dvd that would be ok too) thanks and I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did!!
  2. Looks like it's custom made for him so I doubt that is specifically taught in a single book but different ideas and techniques will be printed in books or on illusion specific dvds.

    I don't know if the coin he was using is poorly made or high definition is making stuff easier to spot....tough times for us.
  3. could you direct me to any of the books/ideas?
  4. its the same as that old trick with the pencil thru glass that would
    come in magic sets. formula is right this is custom made for him.
  5. I had the opportunity of seeing some of his effects live over the weekend- he's great
  6. very cool. What did you see him preform?
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    That would be awesome, but it's a little out of my price range, and I don't think I can put my hand through it :/ oh do you know what kind of coins he uses.... the gaffed ones
  8. PM'ed you re the coins; the table has a spoiler online somewhere.
  9. ok thanks. that helps a lot.. now I'm going to my schools wood/metal shop and make the triangle thing xD
  10. Hey, make two!!!

  11. hahaha I'll make the proto-type first, then I see if I can improve, next I'll make you one.
  12. does anyone know how to put your hand through a glass window/table, like Lui Chien and David Blaine does in certain videos? thanks
    this would help me out a lot.

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